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Aith Tantler
Name Aith Tantler
Kanji タンテレル・エイス
Romanji Tantereru eisu
Race Human
Birthday August 16, 1990
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 178 cm (5'10")
Weight 75 kg (166 lb)
Eyes Red
Hair Silver
Blood Type O+
Unusual Features Silver hair
Red eyes
Professional Status
Affiliation True Cross Order
Previous Affiliation True Cross Academy
Occupation Exorcist
Team Holy Triad
Partner Shadow
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Parents (deceased)
Alias Silver Knight
Exorcist Status
Class Upper First Class
Meister Type Knight and Tamer
Satan!! I'll never forgive that man!! He is the only one that I'll never forgive!!

—Aith Tantler, 5 years old

Aith Tantler (タンテレル・エイス, Tantereru eisu) is an Upper First Class Exorcist. He is a Knight and a Tamer. He wanders around the world with the rest of the Holy Triad, slaying evil demons everywhere they go.


Aith has silver hair and red eyes. He is 5'10" tall and has a slim, yet muscluar body. Aith wears a pair of black baggy pants. He wears a pair of black and red shoes. Aith wears a white, tight, sleeveless shirt that shows off his well-toned abs. On both of his arms are black stripes tattoos that extends from his wrists to his shoulders. He wields a silver katana that always seem to have blood on the blade. The katana has a black guard and red grip.


Aith is a friendly man. He is friendly towards everyone he meets, even demons. He can act hostile however, he is hostile towards humans and demons who he recognizes as evil. Aith is carefree and laid back. He enjoys peace and quiet. Aith likes to take his time and enjoy everything around him. He speaks in a calm manner and a little bit louder than others. Aith loves kids and enjoys playing with them. He can be amazed at the most simplest of things, even things that would normally cause people fear. Aith rarely ever gets mad.

Aith treasures his friends more than anything else. He makes friends with both humans and demons because he thinks that both species have the potential to live together in peace. Aith would be in a furious rage if anything were to happen to anyone who he considers his friends.

Despite his calm personailty, Aith loves to fight. In battle, Aith has a different personality. He becomes hot headed and energetic. Aith is no longer calm or serene. He speaks rudely and loudly. Aith also yells a lot in battle. He bashes out wildly, which tends to surprise his opponents who think of him as calm.

Aith holds a very strong hatred for Satan, who had killed his parents during the Blue Night. Whenever, Aith hears anything about Satan, Aith would be in a bad mood for a couple of hours.


Aith was born on August 16, 1990. Aith was raised by his parents and they taught him that not all demons are evil and that some demons are friendly. Aith learned to get along with everybody. When he was five years old, Aith's parents went to the temple and ended up as victims of the Blue Night. Satan had massacred a huge amount of holy men, including Aith's parents. Aith was horrified at the news of his parents death and vowed to kill Satan. Shirō found Aith after the events that had happened and enrolled him into True Cross Academy.

Aith studied at True Cross Academy for 5 years. During his studies at True Cross Academy, Aith became a Knight and Tamer. Aith's first familiar was a weasel-wolf whom he named Shadow. Ever since its first summoning, Aith and Shadow has been together since. He had graduated early at the age of 10. Many teachers called him a genius and a prodigy. For the next seven years, Aith has slayed many evil demons and became an Upper First Class Exorcist. Aith went on and traveled around the world for the next 4 years, befriending humans and demons alike and slaying evil demons.


Demons Are To Blame arcEdit

After travelling around for eleven years and slaying evil demons, Aith came upon a small village which was completely destroyed. He summoned Shadow to help him look for any survivors. After 15 minutes of searching, Aith and Shadow only found one survivor, the rest of the village was dead. The survivor was a young woman. The young female woke up and attacked Aith and Shadow with a piece of sharp wood that was by her hand. Aith and Shadow dodged with ease. Shadow tried to retaliate but Aith stopped him. The young woman jumped up and tried to cut Aith with the piece of wood. Aith dodged every single one of her strikes with ease. Aith grabbed the wood piece from the young female. "I am an Exorcist. I am not here to harm you, please trust me."

The words calmed down the young woman. Aith told the young woman his name and Shadow's name. The young woman told her name; Chelsea Silverman, a Middle Second Class Exorcist who is a Doctor and an Aria. Aith asked what happened and Chelsea said that a demon had attacked her village and Chelsea said that it was a lone demon who had attacked her village. Chelsea continues on talking, saying that all demons are evil and should just die. This infuriated Aith and he slapped her. "Shut your mouth!! Not all demons are evil!! Just 'cause one demon attacked your village, doesn't make every other demons evil!! All living beings should be treated equally!!"

Chelsea stared at Aith with shock. Shadow was lying down on top a pile of rubble and smirked. Chelsea felt embarrased and looked down in shame. Nobody said anything for a couple of minutes. Shadow decided to break the silence and asked why everybody is so quiet. Chelsea was shocked to hear Shadow talk because she thought Shadow was a normal wolf until he talked. Chelsea got scared and ran away. Aith looked at Shadow furiously, much to Shadow's confusion. Aith ran after Chelsea and Shadow waited a couple of minutes before he chased after the both of them.

Chelsea ran into thick woods to the east of the village. Aith ran in after her but went the opposite way she did. Shadow ran into the woods a couple of minutes later. He could smell where Aith was and where Chelsea was. Shadow decided to run after Chelsea. Unfortunately for Chelsea, she ran into the demon that had destroyed her village. Chelsea screamed out loud which alerted both Aith and Shadow. Aith heard where Chelsea was, turned around, and ran towards her location. Shadow sped up and continued running to where Chelsea was. Chelsea had ran into the goblin who had destroyed her village. The goblin raised its arm and swung down on Chelsea.

Shadow ran to where Chelsea was and blocked the punch with his back. "Damn, that goblin is huge!" Aith ran in after Shadow and slashed the goblin. The goblin was greatly weakened and before it died, it stared at Chelsea with a sad look and Chelsea stared back. Aith noticed the goblin's sad look. A man came out of the woods and teared a piece of paper. The goblin disappeared. Aith and Shadow got ready for battle. "I knew it! It seems that goblin was forced to attack the village!!"

The mysterious man said some words about how he was going to wreak havoc throughout the world with demons. He kept on speaking and said that Aith was one of the strongest Exorcists in the world but still wouldn't be able to beat the mysterious man. After that, the mysterious man jumped high into the air and ran off deeper into the forest. Everyone was worried by the mans words but left it for the moment. Everyone walked back to the destroyed village and Chelsea was silent throughout the whole walk. She was thinking the whole time. When they got back to the village and after they buried the deceased, Chelsea decided to travel with Aith and Shadow. She wanted to become a better Doctor and Aria and she wanted to learn all about demons. With that, the three set off for the next town.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Aith is a master with a katana. He is called a prodigy by many others. With a single strike of his katana, Aith can take down several enemies at once. Aith is capable of slicing through the toughest of objects with his katana, even diamonds.

Water ManipulationEdit

Aith is able to manipulate water due to the demon-slaying blade, Mizu-ō. He is able to create vast amounts of water and control it freely. Aith can compress the water to create deadly attacks, capable of mass destruction.

For more information and list of techniques, go to: Mizu-ō




Aith can summon a weasel-wolf named Shadow as his familiar. Aith and Shadow has been together ever since Aith's days at True Cross Academy. Shadow has high battle capabilites, with inhuman strength, great speed, and sharp claws and fangs. He is also capable of speaking human language.


Shirō FujimotoEdit

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Chelsea SilvermanEdit

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  • Aith's favourite pastimes are: befriending people and demons, napping, and practicing sparring.
  • Aith's favourite manga genres are: action, comedy, and romance.
  • Aith's favourite food is any kind of seafood.


(To Chelsea Silverman) "I am an Exorcist. I am not here to harm you, please trust me."

(To Chelsea Silverman) "Shut your mouth!! Not all demons are evil!! Just 'cause one demon attacked your village, doesn't make every other demons evil!! All living beings should be treated equally!!"

(To no one in particular) "Damn, that goblin is huge!"

(To an unnamed man) "I knew it! It seems that goblin was forced to attack the village!!"