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Alexander Dragonway
Name Alexander Dragonway
Kanji ドラゴンウェイ
Romanji Doragon'u~ei
Race Nephilim
Age 18
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
Exorcist Status
Meister Type Knight

Appearance Edit

Many people have contributed Alexander´s appearance to that of an delinquent due to his looks. Despite his young age, Alexander is ´well-endowed´ and solidly built which combined with his broad shoulders, as well as the way he bears himself with great dignity, gives him an intense, commanding air that many find difficult to ignore. Alexander has faded dark blue hair- his most distinct feature- which is often swept back and kept relatively long though the length varies as the back brushes the back of his neck with the front bangs framing his forehead just above the eyes while the sides extends just below the jawline; his casual hairdo is wild and unkempt. His eyes are typically a green color though this often ranges between two specific colors of green depending on the surrounding light; in places such as a dimmed room they appear to be sea-green while in other places such as outside in the sun they are emerald-green. These are other traits he inherited from his late mother. His face, however, is that of his fathers though his features are considered to be more handsome. He also inherited his fathers height as he stands at 6 feet 2 inches. Many have noted that Alexander has a charming and warm smile.

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