In exchange for letting me out of that cage, I agreed with big brother that I would behave.

—Amaimon, In chapter 1, Genesis

Amaimon is a Demon King and recurring character in the Blue Exorcist fanfiction "Black Heaven".

History Edit

Little is known about Amaimon's past.

However, it is implied that Amaimon had an unpleasant encounter with angels, as shown when he referred to angels as "winged sissies".

Plot Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Amaimon reveals to Shura, Yukio, and Rin that a basilisk was drilling underneath the school.

Chapter 2 Edit

Amaimon had a brief conversation with Mephisto in which he confirms that angels were most likely responsible for killing a demon that had been reduced to a pile of ash.

Chapter 6 Edit

Amaimon exchanges another conversation with Mephisto, in which he warns Mephisto that if the Archangels don't kick his ass, Lucifer will.


Personality Edit

Amaimon is very gullible and fun loving. He is also very trusting of Mephisto even after Mephisto tortured him to get him to behave.

Appearance Edit

Amaimon has green hair, claws, and gold eyes (in manga).

When he transforms, Amaimon gains a lizard-like tail and a pair of horns.

Equipment Edit

Amaimon has a sword that hasn't been seen in the story yet.

Unique Abilities Edit

Terrakinesis Edit

Amaimon is the Demon King of Earth and therefore, has the power to manipulate it however he wishes.

Trivia Edit

  • Amaimon actually fights for the exorcists in Black Heaven.