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Featured Fan Fiction

Ogon no Exorcist (黄金のないエクソシスト / Golden Exorcist) is a fan fiction by ErzaTitaniaScarlet. The main caracters are Claire Valentina and Zen De Luca and the...

Main Article: Ogon no Exorcist

Featured Fan Made Character
Chelsea Silverman anime Chelsea Silverman

Chelsea Silverman (シルバーマン・チェルシー, Shirubāman cherushī) is a Middle Second Class Exorcist. She is a Doctor and an Aria. She wanders around the world with the rest of the Holy Triad, slaying evil demons everywhere they go. She is the daughter of a rich family. She was born healthy, however, received a mashou from a demon and since then, she was able to see demons. Eventually, she...

Main Article: Chelsea Silverman
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Satan!! I'll never forgive that man!! He is the only one that I'll never forgive!!

Aith Tantler, 5 years old

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