Aoi Okumura
Kanji 奥村 青い
Romanji Okumura Aoi
Race Demon
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 170cm
Weight 58kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Blue
Unusual Features Right eye illuminated by blue flames
Professional Status
Affiliation (currently) True Cross Order, Gehenna
Occupation Vampire Hunter
Team Rin & Yukio Okumura
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Satan (father)

Yuri Egin(mother)
Rin & Yukio Okumura (brothers)
Leviathan (brother)
Miya (half-sister)
The Six Princes of Hell (half-brothers)

Alias The Demon Princess of Gehenna
Exorcist Status
Class Exwire
Meister Type Knight
Aoi Okumura (奥村 青い / Okumura Aoi) the daughter of Satan and Yuri and therefore the younger sister of Rin and Yukio Okumura. Unlike her two brothers, Aoi is a full-fledged demon since her mother was made a demon when Satan impregnated her once again. The same goes for her little brother Leviathan. Aoi is a Vampire Hunter and the new student in the cram school.


Aoi has long, dark blue hair and sharp blue eyes. Her skin is pale like her mother's and she always wears her hair in pigtails. She is tall, has a slim body and her clothing is somewhat like Shura's, except that it's black. Instead of a coat, Aoi wears a cape with a star emblem on the back. She wields a sword called Muramasa.


Out of Satan's and Yuri's children, Aoi is probably the calmest and most collected. She isn't phased by people despising her because of her family. Why should she, she can defend herself pretty well. The tranquility of her mother paired with the powers of her father are a dangerous mixture; Even though she's an Exwire, she fully justifies her statement about being a Demon Princess of Gehenna. On the flip-side, she cares about her family and especially her brothers Rin and Yukio, who know nothing of Satan's true nature.


Aoi was born and grew up in Gehenna along with her brother Leviathan. Because of that, she adapted both her father's and mother's ideals and became a really good fighter. She was never arrogant because of the fact that she's a princess and didn't really care. Her exact past however is unknown.


Vampire Hunt ArcEdit

Aoi showed up when Shiemi was about to be killed by a vampire. Amazed at her abilities, Mephisto introduced her as a new student in the cram school and teamed her up with Rin and Yukio to hunt vampires. However, because she is Satan's daughter, people dislike her and stay away from her.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Aoi is a Demon Princess of Gehenna. As a princess, she has a lot of power. Like her mother, she doesn't need a vessel to enter Assiah because Aoi is born from an artificial demon. Because Aoi is with Rin and Yukio, the demons never attack them.

Gehenna GateEdit

She possesses the power to summon the Gehenna Gate like the rest of her family. However, her Gate isn't really big like Satan's, but it's merely the size of a normal door.

Fire ManipulationEdit

Aoi's flames are exactly like Satan's. She can manipulate her flames at will, although she never really fights with her flames.


As a Knight, Aoi is a swordswoman. She's the wielder of the ancient Japanese samurai sword Muramasa, which is said to be demon-possessed. It devours the souls of everything it kills and is also known to be a vampire-slaying sword.


Rin OkumuraEdit

Aoi refers to Rin as aniki (meaning "big brother"). When Amaimon said that everyone in Gehenna wondered about Rin, Aoi was amongst those who wondered. She is very impressed that he (along with Yukio) could destroy Satan's Gehenna Gate at the Great Armageddon. Although she doesn't show it, it deeply saddens her that Rin wants to kill Satan. She made it her mission to show Rin that their father isn't evil.

Yukio OkumuraEdit

Aoi's second older brother whom she calls nii-san. She often talks with him about their parents Satan and Yuri. Aoi often makes Yukio question whether Satan is really evil because from how Aoi talks of their mother's relationship with Satan, he couldn't be really evil, could he? Yukio is also worried that Rin might start to hate her because she defends Satan so much. All in all, Aoi's relationship with Yukio isn't dysfunctional at all.


  • Aoi bears a great resemblance to Black Rock Shooter.
  • Her name Aoi means "blue". It's a homage to Satan's blue flames.
  • Vampire Hunters were really common in Transylvania, where Vlad III. Drăculea, Prince of Transylvania, was said to be a vampire.
  • Muramasa was an ancient Japanese sword by the swordsmith Muramasa. Ieyasu Tokugawa claimed it was demon-possessed.