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Though some angels were foolish enough to speak out against God, they were quickly destroyed. For none were beyond the swift and terrible justice of the highest among the angels. A powerful brotherhood known as the 'Archangels'. These were the first angels created by God, and they were considerably stronger than their younger kin. They were only sent to earth for the most important tasks.

—Narrator, In Chapter 1, Genesis

Archangels are the highest order of angels, second only to God. They are the commanders of the Holy Host. They are also the only angels to regard each other as siblings.

Biography Edit

Archangels were the first things to be created by God. They were each created in the following order: Michael, Lucifer, and Raphael, with Gabriel and Uriel being created at the exact same moment, and Azrael being born last.

Although Michael was the oldest and most loyal, Lucifer was God's favorite angel. Yet there was no hostility among the brothers, or any of the siblings for that matter. Although they all possessed wildly different personalities, they coexisted quite peacefully.

At one point, the Archangels created The Seven Seals to imprison the enemies of God's creation, although it is currently unknown what the aforementioned threats were.

Archangels all bore witness to the creation of the universe and the other angels. Once creation was finished, God allowed the Archangels to claim dominion over certain parts of the universe. Michael, being the oldest among them, took Heaven itself, causing him to become the crowned prince of all angels. Meanwhile, Raphael took the sky, allowing her to manipulate the winds to grant or deny access to Heaven to anyone she wished. Gabriel and Uriel received the sea and stars, and land and sun respectfully. The land and sea have no greater meaning, but control over the stars gives Gabriel the power to open portals to Heaven. Meanwhile, dominion over the sun means Uriel has the responsibility of guarding the sun itself, the source of all life on earth. Azrael acquired the passage ways between Heaven, Assiah, and Gehenna, giving her the power to transport souls between the three. Lucifer, however, received Gehenna, also known as Hell. Originally meant as a prison for any creation that turned away from God, Lucifer was trusted with the duty of jailing such creatures.

When humanity came into existence and God ordered the angels to bow down, Michael was the first angel in all of Heaven to obey the order. Lucifer, however, believed humanity was far too flawed for a celestial being like himself to serve and bow to. He directly told God and the other Archangels that he would never bow down before humans. He declared a rebellion against God and the angels that agreed with him joined together in an army.

The war against Heaven was eventually brought to a close, leaving Michael to cast out his own brother Lucifer, causing a pain that Michael would carry with him through the centuries.

Characteristics Edit

The personalities of the Archangels are widely different, yet they fit the personalities you would expect to find in a normal family. Michael is the responsible one, Lucifer is the rebellious one, Raphael is the logical one, Uriel is the talented one, Gabriel is the reckless one, and Azrael is the diligent one.

Archangels are also considerably stronger than the rest of the angels. They have their own unique abilities but share some in common.

The number of wings an Archangel possesses varies depending on their age. Azrael, as the youngest member, has two wings. Meanwhile, even though Gabriel and Uriel are the exact same age, Uriel is not quite as strong as her brother. Therefore, she has four wings while Gabriel has six. Raphael has eight wings, Lucifer has ten, and Michael, the oldest and strongest Archangel, has twelve wings.

Holy Fire - Although Michael has mastered control of Holy Fire, all Archangels have the power to wield it to a lesser degree. They are also immune to Holy Fire. While other Angels die from Holy Fire exposure, no Archangel can die from Holy Fire no matter how much is used.

Flight - All Archangels, like all other angels, have wings they use for travel.

Beauty - Archangels are the most beautiful of all angels.

True Form - While another angel's true form will blind someone, an Archangel's true form can actually kill someone. During the attack on Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot's wife looked directly at Gabriel's true form and instantly turned to salt.

Androgynous - Archangels don't have a defined gender, but do select a gender for their temporary body whenever they come to earth. Raphael and Uriel are the only two among the Archangels to switch between the genders they've chosen, stating that they are trying to find the form they're more comfortable with.

Enhanced Strength - Archangels are superior in strength to humans and most demons.

Enhanced Stamina - Archangels never tier and do not need sleep. They are also exceptionally hard to knock unconscious as shown when Gabriel stayed conscious after being hit from behind with Lucifer's mace.

Immunity - Archangels are immune to most things that would kill a demon. This includes Holy Water, demon killing bullets, blessed silver, etc.

Lower-Tier Omniscience - Archangels are able to sense almost anything around them. However, there are limitations. For example, Gabriel and Uriel were able to sense Rin's power from the moment they stepped into True Cross Academy, but were unable to pinpoint it. However, Raphael has mastered omniscience to such an extant, she can perceive the future.

Immortality - While Archangels can be killed, they never age, become sick, tire, or hunger.

Healing - All Archangels are able to heal humans. However, only the Archangel Raphael and the Grigory can heal other Angels.

Supernatural Perception - Archangels are able to perceive the true appearance of other angels and demons (even while possessing a human body).

Prayer - Archangels are able to hear any prayer made by a human so long as it is directed towards that angel.

Shape shifting - Since their human form is artificial, Archangels are able to alter the physical appearance of their human body. This has been demonstrated by Gabriel and Uriel when they made their human forms appear younger.

Telekinesis - Archangels are able to move things without touching them. They demonstrated this when Gabriel and Uriel pinned Mephisto to his chair just by flicking their fingers towards him.

Elemental Control - Each Archangel has their own element that they are able to manipulate at will.

Royal Status - Archangels rule over Heaven. Every angel in Heaven answers to them, meaning that the Archangels can call on any and all of them to do their bidding.

Members Edit

Michael - The Archangel of Justice, Strength, and Loyalty. Michael is the prince of Heaven and all angels. He is the master of Holy Fire and also the most powerful Angel in existence. He is in charge of stripping rebellious angels of their wings and casting them out of Heaven.

Lucifer (Formerly) - The Archangel of Rage, Fear, and Light. Lucifer's name means "Morning Star". He was originally God's favorite angel. Even though he has been cast out, Lucifer still has his wings, and during the war in Heaven, he was able to fight and kill over a third of the angels in Heaven.

Raphael - The Archangel of the Wind, Wisdom, and Foresight. Raphael retains power of the wind. Because of this, only she can decide what angels are permitted back in Heaven, as she can manipulate the wind to force them to the ground. For this reason, all angels must first see Raphael and receive her permission to leave Heaven, otherwise they will never be allowed to return to their home.

Gabriel and Uriel - The Archangel of Speed, Truth, and Courage and the Archangel of Art, Love, and Protection. As the only twin angels in existence, they share an exceptionally strong bond. Where one goes, the other is not far behind. Whenever a battle is declared against Gehenna, Gabriel and Uriel are sent along with their personal flight of angels as foot soldiers to determine if the other Archangels are needed. Gabriel can also open portals to Heaven at will, while Uriel guards the sun and by extension, all life on earth itself.

Azrael - The Archangel of Death, Time, and Sorrow. Azrael has the responsibility of taking souls of dead humans to the final destination. She is also the youngest member of the family.

Weaknesses Edit

Holy Fire - Archangels can be injured by Holy Fire the same way normal fire can hurt humans. It can burn them but never kill them even if they are completely smothered in it.

Archangel Weapons - Archangels are vulnerable to their own blades.

God - Being their creator, God can just as easily destroy Archangels.

Wings - Even though there is no part of an Archangel that is stronger, if an Archangel's wings are cut or burned off, their wings can never be grown back, and they can never return to Heaven without them. They are very similar to a demons' tail in this sense, which is why Archangels almost always tuck in their wings while they're not flying.

Gehenna - Gehenna was originally formed to be a prison for Fallen Angels. It can still hold any Archangel and keep them from escaping to Assiah or Heaven, as seen with Lucifer.

Physical Trauma - Even though this won't kill the Archangel, enough physical damage can cause an Archangel's human form to break down and force them to retreat to Heaven.

Lamb's Blood - Archangels are unable to cross any passage way that has been marked with Lamb's blood. This is derived from the time in Egypt when the Angel of Death killed all the first born sons of the Egyptians, but left the slaves that had marked their passage way with Lamb's blood untouched.

Angel Warding - Like demons, Archangels can be blocked from a certain area using shielding spells.

Shofar Trumpets - These ceremonial trumpets are made from a ram's horn and were used in ancient times to signal the start of a war. This is because shofar trumpets banish all angels in the area in which it is blown back to Heaven, so there are no angels to stop the war or protect those involved. However, in the case of Archangel's, they can brace themselves and only be injured by the sound of the trumpet. But they can still be taken off guard by the trumpets and forced back to Heaven.

Each Other - One of the few things that can kill an Archangel is another Archangel.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though Archangels are so old that they predate the universe itself, they all prefer to take forms that range in ages from teens to twenties.
  • The Archangels' all coincide with the evil piece chess set used in Highschool DxD. This makes Gabriel the Knight (whose main attribute is speed), Uriel the Bishop (whose main attribute is protection), Raphael the Queen (who has a combination of the attributes of the other pieces), and Michael the King (the leader).
  • The weapons of the Archangels are all able to transform.
  • All the Archangels keep familiars.