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Arthur Pendragon
Name Arthur Pendragon
Race Human
Birthday November, 4th
Age 30+
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Professional Status
Affiliation True Cross Academy
Albion Exorcist League
Pendragon Family
Occupation Exorcist
Partner Samuel Hayden
Base of Operations True Cross Academy
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives King Arthur (Ancestor)
Alias King Arthur
Exorcist Status
Class Upper First Class
Meister Type {{{meister type}}}

Arthur Pendragon is a exorcist who wields the holy swords, Caliburn and Excalibur. Arthur is descendant from King Arthur, who had been a long line of skilled exorcists.




Abilities & PowersEdit


Arthur is an master of swordsmanship. Coming from a long of infamous swordsman, Arthur can easily wield a sword with great feats. He wields two of the most powerful holy swords, Caliburn and Excalibur.


The Holy Sword Caliburn. Not even a Demon King like you wont even scratch it

—Arthur to the Demon King, Lucifer

  • God's Slash: Send a arch of pure holy power that can slice through space-time, and even dimensions.
  • Dimensional-Slice: Open a portal to travel between the realms.
  • Omni-Dimensional Barrier: Make a barrier around the user to be protected from almost all physical, mental, and magical attacks for a certain periods of time.
  • Slice: Able to slice through anything, even space-time.
  • Nigh-Indestructible


  • Call of the Lady: Summon the angel Mavis, the Lady of the Lake to guide, and assist Arthur in need.