Astaroth is a Demon King and character in the Blue Exorcist fanfiction "Black Heaven"

Plot Edit

Chapter 9 Edit

Astaroth possesses the body of a human teenage before meeting his brothers and sister to determine the fate of Beelzebub.

During that time, Astaroth engages in a fight with Uriel and barely survives, but does manage to escape.

Personality Edit

Unlike Iblis, Astaroth is extremely loyal to his younger brother Rin and repeatedly calls him prince. This means that by extension, he is extremely loyal to Satan.

Appearance Edit

Astaroth has light purple hair, no iris, pointed ears, and ram like horns on either side of his heads.

Equipment Edit

Astaroth has a brown, rusted blade with a knuckle guard.

Unique Abilities Edit

Terrakinesis Edit

Astaroth has the ability to make poisonous materials grow out of the ground at will. This mainly includes demon mushrooms and such.

Trivia Edit

  • Astaroth is the only Demon King who hadn't had an encounter with Archangels before the story.
  • Astaroth didn't even believe in angels before meeting Gabriel and Uriel in Chapter 9.