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Black Heaven is a fanfiction by Seraphim 0 on that follows an epic battle between angels, demons, and the devil himself.

Plot Edit

This story follows the Archangels Gabriel and Uriel as they begin a mission in Assiah, in which they have been charged by God to find and eliminate the Eight Demon Kings as well as the rumored ninth son of Satan, Rin Okumura. However, upon their arrival Gabriel and Uriel pose as humans and befriend Rin, unaware that he is the demon they seek.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Rin Okumura - The ninth son of Satan and target of angels Gabriel and Uriel.

Yukio Okumura - Rin's twin brother who becomes suspicious of Gabriel and Uriel over time.

Gabriel - The twin brother of Uriel and the Archangel sent by God to exterminate the children of Satan.

Uriel - The twin sister of Gabriel and the Archangel sent by God to exterminate the children of Satan.

Lucifer - The first born son of Satan who seeks to bring about the Apocalypse.

Supporting Characters Edit

Shura Kirigakure - Shura is the first one to become suspicious of the angels.

Renzo Shima - A human exorcist who Uriel is currently dating.

Mephisto Pheles - The Demon King of Time and on/off ally of the Archangels.

Michael - Gabriel and Uriel's older brother who continually reminds them that their first priority is to exterminate the Demon Kings.

Minor Characters Edit

Amaimon - Mephisto's younger brother.

Ryuji Suguro - Shima's childhood friend.

Konekomaru Niwa - Shima's childhood friend.

Arthur A. Angel - The Paladin of the Order of the True Cross.

Raphael - Gabriel and Uriel's older sister who, with Michael, reminds them to focus on their mission.

Satan - Father of all demons who has only been mentioned in the story thus far.

Iblis - Demon King of Fire who fights to destroy the world.

Egyn - Demon King of Water who fights to destroy the world.

Beelzebub - Demon King of Insects who fights to destroy the world.

Astaroth - Demon King of Rot who fights to destroy the world.

Arcs Edit

Attack on the Academy Arc Kidnapped Arc Demon Kings Arc
Chapters 1-5 Chapters 6-8 Chapters 9-12