A crossover of some of Anime Angel72's favorite animes Blue Exorcist and Smile Precure


When Rin was 5 years old he saved Miyuki Hoshizora, a 4 year old girl from getting bullied. Miyuki noticing Rin was lonely became his first and best friend. For ten years they were best friends until Miyuki had to move. Rin having grown a crush kisses Miyuki. Later Rin discovers he is the son of Satan. Rin reveals his secret to his now girlfriend Miyuki. Miyuki also reveals she is actually a pretty cure, a magical girl who defends the world from darkness. Now both of them juggle their not so normal lives.

Main CharactersEdit

Rin Okumura- the fifteen year old son of Satan and a demon. Rin can be very violent and tends to get into fights (which are usually caused by strong emotions) but is actually kindhearted. Rin is immature, which leads other people into believing that he is the younger twin out of Yukio and himself. He is headstrong (figuratively as well as literally) and is often very open with his friends. However, when his friends found out about his Demon heritage, some became afraid of him, and thought that he was unstable and thus dangerous, but they slowly got used to him and accepted him. Rin is very protective of Miyuki to the point he goes berserk when she gets seriously hurt like when Amaimon fought Rin and accidently injured her.

Miyuki Hoshizora- A fourteen year old girl with an interest in books and fairy tales. Miyuki is cheery and optimistic, but also something of a klutz. Miyuki is Rin's secret girlfriend and childhood best friend. Like Rin's mother the blue flames do not burn her mainly because accidently as children Rin marked her as his mate. Miyuki is the only one who calm Rin down when his Demon heritage over whelms him. Her catchphrase is "Ultra Happy!" She can transform into magical heroine named Cure Happy and uses the Power of Holy light.

Allies Edit

Etsuko Okumura- A mysterious 14 year old girl who Rin and Miyuki meet from time to time. She has strong purifying powers despite the fact she is not an exorcist. Etsuko wields a demon sword named Shinseina. She reveals much to Rin and Miyuki's shock that she is their future daughter. Etsuko has inherited the blue flames from her father though she doesn't use them in the past because people will mistake her for Satan's daughter when in reality she is Satan's granddaughter. Like her mother she can transform into a magical heroine named Cure Joy.

Yukio Okumura- Rin's younger twin brother. Yukio is mostly seen as quiet and calm, yet he is somewhat bi-polar. He does not know Miyuki is Rin's childhood friend or the fact she is Rin's girlfriend.

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"My name is Etsuko Okumura. I'm from the future and your daughter. Hi...Papa, Mama." -Etsuko to Rin and Miyuki

"Hey why don't you leave her alone!"- Rin to boys who are bulling Miyuki

"Miyuki I have to tell you this. I love You!" (Kisses Miyuki on lips) -Rin to Miyuki before she moves.

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