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Despite how similar the two sounded, fallen angels and dark angels were not the same thing. That said, the mistake was understandable. Both were once angels that had followed God but were cast out of Heaven for following their own selfish desires. However, fallen angels were banished to Gehenna where Satan proceeded to transform them into demons. Dark angels however, were not beyond redemption. Most of them spent years in Assiah killing demons as an attempt to appease God and gain back their status as angels, but it rarely worked. Most ended up being killed before they could kill enough demons to please God.

—Gabriel, In Chapter 10, Day Off

Biography Edit

Dark Angels were once angels that served under God, but somehow sinned against Him in a manner that caused the Archangels to cast them out.

However, their sin was not serious enough to call for them being cast into Gehenna, but serious enough where they could no longer remain in Heaven. As a result, they are cast down to Assiah instead, where they are given the chance to redeem themselves through killing demons, however, many are killed before they are able to gain their angelic status back.

Characteristics Edit

Flight - All Dark Angels are given a pair of black wings which they use for flight and protection. However, if a Dark Angel's wings are cut off they can never heal or grow back.

True Forms - A Dark Angel's true form takes various appearances depending on class. A human or demon who tries to look directly at their true form can be blinded or even die.

Androgynous - A Dark Angel's true form lacks a defined gender. Whenever a Dark Angel adopts a human form, they must pick a gender for their temporary body.

Enhanced Strength - Dark Angels are superior in strength to humans and most demons.

Enhanced Stamina - Dark Angels never tier and do not need sleep. They are also exceptionally hard to knock unconscious as shown when Gabriel stayed conscious after being hit from behind with Lucifer's mace.

Immunity - Dark Angels are immune to most things that would kill a demon. This includes Holy Water, demon killing bullets, blessed silver, etc.

Immortality - While Dark Angels can be killed, they never age, become sick, tire, or hunger.

Photokinesis - Dark Angels are able to form weapons composed entirely of light. This was demonstrated by the Dark Angel Ramiel when she continually formed a spear of light to attack demons.

Weaknesses Edit

Holy Fire - Dark Angels can be injured by Holy Fire the same way normal fire can hurt humans. It can burn them and even kill them if they are completely smothered in it.

Angel Weapons - Dark Angels are vulnerable to their own blades. They can be killed by angel swords even if it is a demon or human wielding them.

God - Being their creator, God can just as easily destroy Angels.

Wings - Even though there is no part of a Dark Angel that is stronger, if a Dark Angel's wings are cut or burned off, their wings can never be grown back, and they can never return to Heaven without them. They are very similar to a demons' tail in this sense, which is why Dark Angels almost always tuck in their wings while they're not flying.

Demons - Some upper level demons are able to weaken or even kill Dark Angels.

Archangels - Archangels are the most powerful force in Heaven next to God Himself. They could easily slaughter the rest all Dark Angels.

Physical Trauma - Even though this won't kill the Dark Angel, enough physical damage can cause a Dark Angel's human form to break down and force them to retreat.

Lamb's Blood - Dark Angel's are unable to cross any passage way that has been marked with Lamb's blood. This is derived from the time in Egypt when the Angel of Death killed all the first born sons of the Egyptians, but left the slaves that had marked their passage way with Lamb's blood untouched.

Blue Flames - Dark Angels are affected by blue flames the same way they are with Holy Fire. They can be injured and even killed in serious cases.

Angel Warding - Like demons, Dark Angels can be blocked from a certain area using shielding spells.

Leviathan's Bone - The Leviathan were an ancient race of sea serpents that were created some time after the Archangels, but before the rest of the angels. They were all later killed by the Archangel Gabriel. Even though Archangels are immune to it, a sharpened bone from a Leviathan can kill a Dark Angel.

Snake Venom - Snakes are symbols of the Devil. The same way Holy Water can burn demons, Angels can be burned by snake venom.

Other Dark Angels - Dark Angels retain the power to kill their own.

Angels - Angels, retaining their connection with Heaven, can kill Dark Angels effortlessly.

Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels can kill Dark Angels.

Decreased Power - Without the power of Heaven at their finger tips, Dark Angels are not nearly as strong as they were as angels.

Trivia Edit

  • Dark Angels are similar to fallen angels in High School DxD.