That is until spirits of darkness emerged. Wicked things of blasphemy. A dark counterpart to the angels. For while the angels served humanity, these dark spirits relished in tormenting them. They were referred to by the humans as 'Demons' meaning 'Evil, Lesser Spirits'. These demons, unlike angels, lacked bodies. So their only way to come to earth, was to steal the bodies of humans.

—Narrator, In Chapter 1, Genesis

Biography Edit

Demons were originally created by Satan as a result of his torture of fallen angels.

Since then, Satan has continued to make them to serve him in his mission to destroy Assiah.

Characteristics Edit

Demons all share the following powers.

Low Level Demons Edit

Swarming - Because there are so many low level demons, they are able to group together in a swarm, as shown with Coal Tars.

Flight - Most Demons are able to fly.

Immortality - Demons never age, get sick, or hunger.

Invulnerability - Demons are immune to things that would kill most humans. This is shown when Astaroth was run over by a truck and he simply stated that it hurt.

Enhanced Strength - Demons are incredible strong.

Invisibility - Demons can't be seen unless someone is a Demon, angel, or human with a temptaint.

Intangibility - Demons can move through matter.

Mid Level Demons Edit

Possession - Demons are able to possess human bodies.

Telekinesis - Demons can move things without touching them

Teleportation - Most Demon can teleport.

Regeneration - Most Demons are able to heal themselves.

High Level Demons Edit

Enhanced Immunity - High Level Demons are immune to things like Holy Water, demonic wardings, exorcism, etc.

Killing - High Level Demons are able to kill angels.

Shapeshifting - Demons are able to change their forms.

Perception - Demons can perceive the true forms of angels.

Demon Kings Edit

The Demon Kings are children of Satan and generals of demonic armies.

The King of Light - The oldest of the Demon Kings.

The King of Time - who has shown affiliation with Demons such as Phantom Trains.

The King of Spirits - who has shown affiliation with Demons such as Ghosts.

The King of Water - who has shown affiliation with Demons such as Kraken.

The King of Fire - who has shown affiliation with Demons such as Salamanders.

The King of Insects - who has shown affiliation with Demons such as Chuchi.

The King of Earth - who has shown affiliation with Demons such as Goblins, Bariyon, Greenmen, and Basilisks.

The King of Rot - who has shown affiliation with Demons such as Coal Tars, Ghouls, Zombies, and the Impure King.

Creation Edit

There are four ways to create a demon.

  1. Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels become Demons upon reaching Gehenna and being tortured by Satan.
  2. Humans - Satan also tortures the souls of dead humans who enter Hell until they become Demons.
  3. Fire - Satan also makes some Demons out of pure fire.
  4. Reproduction - Another common way to create Demons is by having a child with another Demon or even a human.

Weaknesses Edit

Holy Water - Demons can be burned by Holy Water as if it were acid.

Holy Fire - Holy Fire can burn Demons.

Angel Weapons - Demons are vulnerable to angelic blades. They can be killed by Angel swords even if it is an angel, Demon, or human wielding them.

God - God can smite Demons effortlessly.

Hearts and Tails - It has been said that nothing is more vulnerable than a Demons' tail and heart.

Demons - Demons are able to weaken or even kill their own kind.

Archangels - Archangels are the most powerful force in Heaven next to God Himself. They can kill demons effortlessly.

Physical Trauma - Even though this won't kill the Demon, enough physical damage can cause an Demons' human vessel to break down and force them to retreat to Gehenna.

Blue Flames - Demons are affected by blue flames the same way they are with Holy Fire. They can be injured and even killed in serious cases.

Demonic Warding - Like angels, Demons can be blocked from a certain area using shielding spells.

Leviathan's Bone - The Leviathan were an ancient race of sea serpents that were created some time after the Archangels, but before the rest of the angels. They were all later killed by the Archangel Gabriel. Even though Archangels are immune to it, a sharpened bone from a Leviathan can kill an angel or Demon.

Angels - Angels retain the power to kill Demons.

Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels can kill Demons.

Demonic Weapons - A Demon blade, bullet, etc. can kill a Demon.

Exorcism - Demons can be forced out of their human host with this ritual.

Iron - Low Level Demons are burned by iron and cannot cross lines made of Iron.

Salt - Low Level Demons cannot cross lines made of salt.

Holy Ground - Low Level Demons cannot step foot on consecrated ground.

Dark Angels - Demons can be killed by Dark Angels.