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Fallen Angels are a subcategory of demons. They are the first types of demons and the strongest.

As their name suggests, they were originally angels who turned away from God and were cast out of Heaven by the Archangel Michael.

History Edit

The first Fallen Angel was Satan, who was followed in being cast out by all the angels who served him in the war against Heaven.

Satan then took his frustrations of being removed from Heaven out on his fellow Fallen Angels.

Their torture caused the Fallen Angels to become demons.

Characteristics Edit

Drawbacks Edit

Upon being cast out, all Fallen Angels (with the exception of Satan) lose the following abilities.

Flight - Being cast out entitles Michael cutting off the Fallen Angel's wings.

Access to Heaven - Without their wings, Fallen Angels cannot return to Heaven.

Human Forms - Angels must create human forms to inhabit before they go to Assiah. Fallen Angels lose this power and must then possess humans to enter Assiah.

Omniscience - Angels have a lower grade of omniscience that allows them to sense things that are happening on earth. Once fallen, angels lose this ability.

Weaknesses Edit

Fallen Angels gain the following weaknesses once cast out.

Holy Water - Holy Water can burn (but not kill) Fallen Angels.

Holy Fire - Fallen Angels retain their weaknes to Holy Fire even after they are cast out.

Blue Flames - Fallen Angels also retain their weakness towards blue flames

Angel Weapons - Fallen Angels also gain a weakness towards angel weapons.

Advantages Edit

Fallen Angels do have some powers that make them exceptionalily dangerous.

Immunity - Fallen Angels are completely immune to things that can weaken or kill normal demons. This includes demonic wardings, demon blades, demon bullets, etc.

Strength - Fallen Angels are naturally stronger than most demons.

Killing - Fallen Angels are still able to kill other angels.

Trivia Edit

  • Because Fallen Angels are angels who became demons, they can be seen as angel-demon hybrids.
  • Fallen Angels are sometimes referred to as "Archdemons"