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Behold our glory. We have Arrived.

—Gabriel and Uriel, In Chapter 2, Arrival

Gabriel is an Archangel and a character in the Blue Exorcist fanfiction "Black Heaven".

History Edit

Gabriel was created by God at the exact same moment as Uriel.

Before the creation of humanity, massive and dangerous beings were created by God. They were known as the Leviathan. Gabriel found them somewhat entertaining, but God ordered their destruction, as it would be to dangerous to create humanity while the Leviathan still existed. Gabriel used his power over the sea to destroy the Leviathan and purge them from existence.

After all, Lucifer taught Gabriel everything he knows now.

—Uriel, In chapter 4, A Look Behind The Curtain

Gabriel also had a close bond with his older brother, Lucifer. Lucifer was present during Gabriel and Uriel's creation, and he was the first to go up to Gabriel and tell him not to be afraid. From that point on, Lucifer all but raised Gabriel.

Eventually, Gabriel had to watch in horror as his own brother declared war on Heaven.

Gabriel did, however, set up a meeting between himself and Lucifer, telling his older brother that they were to discuss the terms of joining his side. When Lucifer arrived, he was immediately ambushed by Gabriel and the other Archangels, revealing the meeting to be a trap.

After Lucifer was cast out, Gabriel began to develop a deep hatred for his fallen brother.

Gabriel was first sent to earth during the attack on Sodom and Gomorrah, and then again to prevent Abraham from slaying Issac, and the most iconic of his appearance being his visit to the virgin Mary during the Annunciation.

Gabriel also spent time on earth for the reign of King David. He was the one to anoint David the King of Israel and he also encouraged David during his fight with Goliath. Gabriel grew somewhat attached to David at this time, as he was Gabriel's only true friend outside of Uriel. David broke Gabriel's heart when he was driven mad with power and became a tyrant. So, Gabriel murdered David's first born son out of spite. The death was mistaken by humanity as "The Wrath of God".

Gabriel was berated by his siblings and God for using his heart instead of his head. Gabriel has never truly trusted another human because of David's betrayal.

It was also implied by Lucifer that he and Gabriel met at one point. Gabriel then told Lucifer that he wasn't worthy of the name he had stolen from his fallen father.

Plot Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Gabriel was sent to Assiah with Uriel for reasons not yet revealed.

Upon their arrival, Gabriel injured a demon that they came across, with the aforementioned demon being killed by Uriel shortly afterword.

Chapter 2 Edit

The two then began walking towards True Cross Academy, being stopped by a police officer along the way. They both then changed their appearance to look like adolescents, which caused the officer to leave them be.

When they both arrived at True Cross, Gabriel was accidentally tackled by Rin on his way back to the dormitory. Unaware they were speaking to the son of Satan, both angels politely introduced themselves and allowed Rin to walk off.

Chapter 3 Edit

The next day, the twins went to Mephisto's office, where Gabriel forced him to say everything he knew about the "Ninth son of Satan". Mephisto would not answer at first so Gabriel compelled him to tell the truth. Gabriel's interrogation went on until Uriel stopped him, reminding Gabriel that he could kill Mephisto if he overused his ability, which also left Rin's name unsaid. Gabriel quickly told Mephisto not to tell anyone at the academy about their angelic status under threat of death.

The next day, the cram school students were trapped in an abandoned school with a dozen demons. Gabriel and Uriel then arrived and saved the lives of the cram school students, Yukio and Shura included.

Once they returned to the school, Gabriel and Uriel told the class that they were students who had just enrolled. They then asked for Yukio and Rin to escort them back to their own penthouse off campus so they could use Yukio's infinity key.

Gabriel started a conversation with Rin, saying that he could tell Rin was not a fan of working with his brother, and not to worry, because he had siblings besides Uriel with whom he fought often.

Chapter 4 Edit

The next day, Gabriel and Uriel talked about who the ninth son of Satan could be. Gabriel suggested that it could be Rin, but Uriel disagreed because Rin had a human brother. Gabriel admitted Uriel was probably right, but that it was time to check in with the other Archangels to discuss their progress. The two then cast a spell which brought their older siblings before them in the appearance of pillars of fire. They informed their siblings that the ninth son of Satan was half human and possessed the blue flames. Michael admitted that the child was indeed dangerous, but then revealed (to the reader) that Gabriel and Uriel's mission on earth was not to find the son of Satan, but for an unknown reason.

Gabriel agreed to follow his orders as Michael and Raphael's pillars disappeared. Gabriel then asked Uriel why she thought Satan's son would be at a school for exorcists to be. Uriel responded by saying that she heard rumors that this child hated Satan just as much as them.

Gabriel then returned to the notion that it could be Rin, stating that he had the same eyes as Satan. Uriel then berated Gabriel for comparing the unknown child to Satan. Gabriel, not wanting to continue the fight, simply left the room.

Chapter 5 Edit

At the cram school, Gabriel became extremely bored with his history lesson, thinking to himself that he already knew a lot about history, seeing as he was their for all of it. He then answered a teachers' question on the crusades which referenced the Archangel Michael, which received a scoff from Bon. Bon then went on to reveal that he did not believe in angels, stating that if they were present in their lives, demons wouldn't be so hard to kill.

As the lesson went on, Gabriel corrected his teacher on the amount of demons that Michael had killed. The teacher than looked up the answer and revealed that Gabriel was correct.

Gabriel was later called into Yukio's classroom regarding his actions in history. Yukio asked if Gabriel had a photographic memory, to which Gabriel said yes. Yukio then showed Gabriel the crest he had recovered from the wreckage of the pillar, asking if he had seen anything like it before. Gabriel lied and said no, then proceeded to steal the crest when Yukio wasn't looking, leaving an illusion in it's place that later disintegrated when Shura attempted to pick it up.

Gabriel then went home to Uriel and showed the crest to her, to which she revealed the crest to be a "Seal", that when broken, would bring about the end of the world.

Chapter 6 Edit

Gabriel was in a cathedral, where he proceeded to steal a second seal that had been hidden within a statue there. He then called Uriel and told her the seal was intact.

After leaving, Gabriel was struck from behind by the Demon King Lucifer. Lucifer then proceeded to trap Gabriel within a crystal, taking his paralyzed form back to the Illuminati.

It was later revealed by the female Illuminati researcher that Gabriel was in coma as a result of being trapped inside the crystal.

Chapter 7 Edit

Gabriel is mentioned numerous times in this chapter during the plot to rescue him.

Chapter 8 Edit

Gabriel first appears when Uriel breaks the crystal containing him. Afterwords, Gabriel leaves to fight Lucifer, against Uriel's warning.

Gabriel, Uriel, and Lucifer fight briefly before they take Shima out of the facility.

Later, Gabriel freaked out upon learning that Uriel and Shima had sex.

Chapter 9 Edit

Gabriel helps Uriel entrap Beelzebub in stone.

Gabriel then goes to the Demon Kings, stating that if they wanted Beelzebub back, they would have to hand over the second seal, to which Lucifer reluctantly agrees.

After retrieving the second seal, Gabriel and Uriel attempt to double cross the demons by killing Beelzebub, but are stopped by Lucifer.

Gabriel then engages Egyn in a fight, to which she is defeated when Gabriel burns her with Holy Water.

Chapter 10 Edit

Gabriel and Uriel arranged for themselves and the cram school students to spend a weekend at the beach for the first week of summer.

Later, Gabriel was hanging out with the male members of the class until they were attacked by a dark angel.

Gabriel was later joined by Uriel and the two were given the third seal by the aforementioned dark angel, Ramiel. Ramiel then proceeded to tell them that Rin was the ninth son of Satan.

Chapter 12 Edit

Gabriel and Uriel return to Assiah and are not happy to see that Rin is alive, but they are forbidden from killing him by Michael, at least until they have proof that he's a demon.

Gabriel later accompanies the class to a mission in which they track down a fallen angel, who had received the first seal from Lucifer. Gabriel quickly manages to steal the seal from the fallen angel.

Gabriel then delivers the seal back to Michael.

Chapter 13 Edit

Gabriel awakes to find his familiar, Byakuya, above him. Byakuya advises Gabriel to allow him to murder Rin, but Gabriel refuses to disobey orders.

Gabriel and Uriel send an oracle after Rin to confirm their suspicions about him being the son of Satan. The oracle returns with the prophecy about Rin that confirms his demonic heritage.

Having no further use for the oracle, Gabriel pushes her over the balcony to her death.

Chapter 14 Edit

Gabriel and Rin battle at the penthouse with neither giving an inch. Rin manages to overcome Gabriel's amazing speed and and the Devil Cleaver.

By the end of the battle, Rin defeats Gabriel and destroys the Devil Cleaver, forcing Gabriel to retreat to Heaven.


Personality Edit

Gabriel tends to be very hostile towards demons, but loves humans like family. He, like his sister, are so human like that they can pass for humans without anyone being suspicious.

Uriel has also said the Gabriel is quite the over protective brother.

Appearance Edit

Gabriel has white hair that covers one eye but the visible eye is a sapphire blue. He wears silver armor but often transitions to a simple blue jacket with white fur around the neck and jeans when not in battle. Gabriel has a rather thin face and his hair extends to his shoulder. Whether wearing armor or casual clothing, Gabriel is always seen wearing his silver cross. Gabriel also sports a large pair of silver sparkling wings.

Gabriel is also heterochromatic. His left eye is sapphire blue and his right eye is crimson red.

Lastly, Gabriel has a white eight point star tattoo with a blue outline on his shoulder. In matching colors, he also has tribal style wing tattoos on his back.

Equipment Edit



Halo Edit

Gabriel possesses a double bladed sword named "Halo". The two blades rest on two wheels connected by the hilt. This allows one wheel to turn while the other remains stationary and allows the sword to become double sided. Gabriel can also disconnect the blades and wield them as two separate swords.

The Devil Cleaver Edit

The second form of Halo is known as the Devil Cleaver, named for the thousands of demons that have died upon it. The Devil Cleaver is able to absorb demonic energy and use it against Gabriel's opponent.

Gabriel also has a large golden trumpet he can use for one of two things. He can use this to signal other angels to join him in battle. Also, humans, demons, and angels who hear the sound of the trumpet lose their ability to lie for a few hours. This gave the trumpet the name, "Gabriel's Horn of Truth".

Unique Abilities Edit

Gabriel is known as the Archangel of Speed, Truth, and Courage to the rest of the Heavenly Host.

Speed Edit

Gabriel is the fastest Angel in existence. He can easily break the sound barrier without much effort. It is because of his immense speed that God often uses Gabriel as a messenger.

Truth Edit

Sensing a Lie Edit

Gabriel also has the power to see into a person's soul. This allows him to see their sins. Gabriel is able to use this ability to sense when a lie is being told to him, since he can see the sin marking their soul. For this reason, Uriel sometimes teases Gabriel about being a 'walking lie detector'. The rest of Heaven is quite fearful of Gabriel's gift though, calling him 'the only Angel who can keep a secret'.

Sussing Out the Truth Edit

Gabriel can also force a person to tell him the truth, although he rarely does this because it is extremely painful and even fatal if used too often.

Trumpet Edit

In addition to being able to summoning other angels, anyone who hears the trumpet sound can literally not tell a single lie.

Feather Edit

Someone who holds a feather from Gabriel's wings will die if the so much as exaggerate the truth. The ancient Egyptians referred to such a thing as "The Feather of Truth".

Courage Edit

Gabriel is also known as the Angel of Courage because just like how Uriel is able to inspire humanity with artistic ideas, he is able to do the same with courage. Gabriel used this ability to encourage humans on King David before he battled Goliath.

Illusion Edit

Gabriel also has the power to cast illusions. Gabriel sometimes uses these illusions to get the attention of demons so they will come close to him and give him the opportunity to kill them. His use of illusions caused ancient vikings to give Gabriel the name 'The Trickster'.

Aquakinesis Edit

Gabriel also has the power to manipulate water. When Creation was finished, God allowed the Archangels to divide the universe among themselves. Michael, being the oldest, took Heaven. Meanwhile, Raphael took the sky, Uriel took the land and the sun, Gabriel took the sea and the stars, and Satan drew the shortest straw and took Gehenna. Because Gabriel took the sea, he is able to manipulate the tide and all underwater creatures as he pleases.

Stellarkinesis Edit

Gabriel also took possession of the stars. Stars are actually portals to Heaven. For this reason, just like with Raphael, angels must receive Gabriel's permission to leave and then return to Heaven, so that he can open a portal for them.

Psychic Connection Edit

Gabriel and Uriel also share a very unusual gift. As the only twin Angels in existence, it is something only they can use. They are eternally aware of each other. This means that they can sense where the other is, what they're feeling, and even if they're in danger at any time they wish.

Trivia Edit

  • Gabriel's name means "God is my strength".
  • The name of Gabriel's familiar, Byakuya, means "white night".
  • Ironically, Gabriel's design is similar to some fan-made designs of Satan.
  • In the original draft, Gabriel comes to Assiah without Uriel.
  • Gabriel shares the titles of Trickster and Loki with Mephisto.