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Gold Exorcist is a crossover of a Sailor Moon fan-fiction and Katou Kazue's Blue Exorcist. This is by 21moon24.

Plot Edit

The plot is a WIP and will be updated every once and a while.

Kohaku Kenage was an ordinary young girl well until a demon attacks her and it was her second day at True Cross Academy. Kohaku soon gets sucked into a world of craziness, first comes a girl that can hold her breath for minutes on end, then a cocky female gang-leader, soon a cold bookworm that sticks to her studies a bit too hard, a boy-crazy pop idol, and a seemingly coldhearted knight. During her misadventures she meets the handsome but mysterious Akahaji Honou.

Characters Edit

This area is a WIP and what is here is a place-holder!

Trivia Edit

  • The characters are differently named in this than they are in PGOO (click the link above to the fan fiction)

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Coming soon...

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