Excalibur, the Sword of Victory.

The Holy Sword Excalibur, often called Demon Sword Excalibur or just Excalibur, was an all-powerful Relic sword capable of making its wielders an invincible force at the expense of weak wielders slowly losing their life to the blade.


Excalibur seems to be a traditional European Longsword that has a chinese winged guard and a topaz-like stone on the hilt, the blade is double-sided, giving root to its "cutting both ways" capabilities.


The Holy Sword was said to have been a Heavenly weapon that fell with the Angels that would become the five known Primordial Demons of Hell: Satan, Skoll, Mána, Geri and Freki. Skoll is said to be the only one to handle the sword safely, said to be the "Sheathe of Invulnerability" often found connected to the sword and is immune to its draining capacity.

The Sword also appeared during Arthurian Legend and in some texts is considered the Sword in the Stone or the sword given to King Arthur by the Lady in the Lake, it was also revealed that the Sword of Victory was also the bane of King Arthur during his final battle, although King Arthur won the Battle of Camlann and killed Mordred the sword had been used so many times during the battle and channeled so much of King Arthur's life energy without rest that he lay immobile on the battlefield and died shortly afterwards.

The Holy Sword returns when Skoll, its supposed "sheathe" realizes that he was the only one capable of summoning and wielding the sword safely without the risk of holy retribution and death, during the Chalice of Judas Iscariot arc.

Ernst Frederik Egin, a uprising Cardinal is insulted that such a Holy weapon should be wielded by Skoll and commands the Grigori and Skoll to allow Exorcists to wield the blade, however many fall ill wielding it and only after Paladin Exorcist Arthur Auguste Angel declined wielding the sword and insisted that it was too dangerous for anyone but Skoll did Ernst grudgingly withdraw his earlier claim and allow Arthur to return the sword to Skoll.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Indestructibility - Excalibur is totally indestructible and this is testamentary by the fact that it is a Holy Relic, its indestructibility being similar to that of the Chalice of Judas Iscariot.
  • Superior Strength - Excalibur has superior strength and cutting power than any other Demon swords including Kirikara wielded by Rin Okumura and Mordred's Demon Sword Caliburn wielded currently by Arthur Auguste Angel.
  • Superior Speed - Excalibur has superior speed to other Demon swords and from his brief experience Arthur Auguste Angel claimed that the Sword was as light as a feather, but he had learned from those who had fallen ill wielding it that Excalibur gains more weight the more energy it drains from its wielder making it harder to use in turn, with Skoll this wouldn't happen as he is immune to its draining effect.
  • Sentience - Similar to Caliburn, Excalibur has sentience however like Shura's Demon Sword it is silent and this is due to the fact that Excalibur is an extension of Skoll's consciousness, despite this the fragment of his consciousness found within the blade seems to be willing of desires as it desires to win every conflict it is used in despite the consequences.
  • Life Force draining - Excalibur is cursed to consume the energies of those that does not wield it including the unworthy, Skoll as its sheathe and true wielder seems to be the only one immune, as though putting on weight the sword gets heavier the more energy it drains thus risking a non-immune wielder the longer the battle goes on for.
  • Golden-White Fire - Only shown when Skoll is wielding the sword, the blade generates golden-white fire and cuts through anything - including other Demon Swords - like butter, this flame seems to be the source of its power though where it comes from is unknown other than it reacts and appears to Skoll's White Fire.