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Iblis is a Demon King and character in the Blue Exorcist fanfiction "Black Heaven".

History Edit

Not much is known about Iblis' past.

However, it was stated by Gabriel that they encountered each other once, at which point Iblis threatened to "Fry his wings, extra crispy".

Plot Edit

Chapter 9 Edit

Iblis attends the summit of Demon Kings after Beelzebub is captured by Gabriel and Uriel.

Iblis is present when the angels demand for the second seal from Lucifer, and when the True Cross steps in to fight them, at which point Iblis begins a battle with Rin.

After a long fight, Iblis is critically wounded by Rin, but rescued by Lucifer before anymore harm could befall him.

Personality Edit

Although loyal to Satan, Iblis is extremely jealous and even vengeful towards Rin, feeling like he deserves the blue flames of Satan instead of him.

Iblis also has a strong sibling rivalry going with his sister, Egyn.

Appearance Edit

Iblis has red bat-like wings as well as a set of pointed ears and silted eyes. He also has fiery red hair and tanned skin.

Iblis prefers to wear a black shirt with green cargo pants and a leather cuff.

Equipment Edit

Iblis has a large, red, serrated katana over twice the width of a traditional sword.

Unique Abilities Edit

Pyrokinesis Edit

As the Demon King of Fire, Iblis can summon and control blood red flames, the black flames, and even whatever fire demons he pleases.