Indigo Exorcist is a fanfiction written by MikiMoke. The main character is Rita Graceland, a girl who is half-demon.

Plot Edit

When Rita is taken to True Cross Academy to learn how to become an exorcist, her brother leaves her in the care of Yukio Okumura. She meets his brother Rin and starts to attend the classes with him, and she forms a friendship with the brothers. As she learns at the school, she befriends Shiemi, Bon, Shima, and Konekomaru.

After a few encounters with demons, she is moved to Kyoto. There, she is reunited with an old friend and settles into the lifestyle. After a few weeks of staying there, the eyes of the Impure King are stolen. As everyone fights to defeat the Impure King, Rita and her brother try to get rid of some demons, resulting in a terrible loss.

A year later, Rita is with a new group in America, where she leads them and teaches them that they are human. But now that she knows Rin is wanted by True Cross, she has put everything aside to help him.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Rita Graceland

A girl who is half-foxcat. She attended True Cross Academy with Rin and Yukio for a couple of months. After she was made and Esquire, her brother moved her to the Kyoto Branch where family friends could take care of her. She has a variety of abilities thanks to her demon heritage - such as covering herself in indigo fire, sensitive hearing and smelling, precise movement in fights, enhanced speed and strength, and being able to see demonic energy.

Major Characters Edit

Rin Okumura

Rita's roommate and original love interest, she and Rin were close in the series. He is the son of Satan and has inherited Satan's flames. He has a familiar called Kuro that used to be Father Fujimoto's familiar, and he also has in his possession a demon sword that contains his flames.

Yukio Okumura

Rin's younger twin brother and the one Jonathan left in charge of Rita when she enroled at True Cross. During the months Rita stayed with them, he researched foxcats and kept a close eye on her, as she forewarned him that she has a cruel and sick sense of humour.

Steve Walker

One of the people in Rita's new group. He is half-Screecher, which is a demon that uses soundwave-based attacks. He was the second Lieutenant to join Rita's group and helps to raise the half-demons to believe they are humans. At first he disliked Rita because he thought she was in with her father, but when Jem (another Lieutenant) explained everything, he soon became close friends with her.

Hannah Rosette

Rita's third Lieutenant, she is also half-foxcat. Unlike Rita, she entertains herself by messing with people and testing their patience. She has a crush on Steve and voices it very loudly. She dislikes Jem because he teases her a lot and is a friendly rival to Rita.

Jem Kelso

Jem is the first person who joined Rita when she left Japan and he is half-Hornbolt, which is a demon that looks like a foxcat, but is white and has wings. They are considered the saner version of a foxcat. This is proved every time he acts like a gentleman with strangers and friends, even though he was never taught proper manners. He has a romantic interest in Rita.

Jonathan Garret

Rita's older brother and the man who raised her. He was always there for her when she needed him and taught her to believe she was human. He was an Upper Second Class Dragoon and Knight. Despite being her half-brother, she and him were as close as best friends.

Ryuji Suguro

Rita's current love interest, he was the first friend she made in the series. Prior to finding out she was the child of a demon, he considered her one of the gang. It took him a while to accept she was half-demon but he eventually mended their friendship.

Minor Characters Edit

Renzo Shima

Referred to as just "Shima" he and Rita were friends that shared jokes a lot of the time. Their friendship got to a point where, when Rita was hospitalised, he hugged her with Shiemi when she returned. He treats her the same as the other girls, but is wise enough to not hit on her.

Konekomaru Miwa

It is unknown what kind of relationship he has with Rita, but the two are friends and get along fine, despite how little they talk. After finding out she is a demon's child, he distances himself from her a little.

Shiemi Moriyama

Shiemi started the cram school on the same day as Rita, and the two were a little distant to each other at first, but after a while they become friends. Shiemi was one of the first people to treat Rita like she was normal when she was found to be half-demon.

Jack and Jill

Not much is known about the brother and sister but Rita knows that they have a command over water and that they are German with a rough understanding of English. Rita is yet to figure out which demon is their father.


Usagi is a childhood friend of Rita's and says a lot of wise things despite how young she is. On the outside she may seem like a quiet and clueless person, but she is very smart when it comes to exorcisms and demons.

Eden Mackenzie

A man who helped Jonathan raise Rita. He was an exorcist before his death and left Rita his sword for when she became an exorcist. He was like a father to her.


The two spent time together while Rita was in True Cross Academy, and she guessed that it was because, while Kuro was a Cat Sith, Rita was part cat-demon.