Jezebeth Pheles
Name Jezebeth Pheles
Kanji イゼベル・フェレス
Romanji Izeberu Fēresu
Race Demon
Birthday December 31st
Age 15 (Human Years)
Gender Female
Height 5'2"
Weight 117 lbs
Eyes Hazel
Hair Orange-brown
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Affiliation True Cross Order

Mephisto Pheles

Previous Affiliation Gehenna
Occupation Exorcist


Partner Shiro
Base of Operations True Cross Academy


Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Mephisto Pheles (Father)

Lilith (Mother)
Satan (Grandfather)
Amaimon (Uncle)
Lucifer (Uncle)
Rin Okumura (Half-Uncle)
Yukio Okumura (Half-Uncle)

Alias Princess

Lily Faust

Exorcist Status
Class Exwire (undercover)
Meister Type Knight


i think assaih will be fun!

Jezebeth Pheles, to Mephisto

Jezebeth Pheles (イゼベル・フェレス  Izeberu Fēresu), whose real name is Lilin/Lilim (リリン Ririn), is the daughter of Mephisto Pheles and an Exorcist. She uses the name Lily Faust (リリー・ファウスト Rirī Fausuto) in public, though she also uses Kayuki Kuroko (黒子・由紀 Kuroko Kayuki). Jezebeth is a genius and a prodigy; she has an eidetic memory and is an autodidact. She is undercover, studying as an Exwire at True Cross Academy, to watch over and befriend Rin Okumura on her father's orders.


Jezebeth has long, orange-brown chesnut hair with large, hazel eyes. She has smooth pale skin and is petite, standing at the height of 5'3". Jezebeth has prominent canin teeth and pointed ears. Her tail is always tucked away and nevering showing. Jezebeth wears several special necklaces and braclets made for her by father to hide and conceal her Demonic nature.

At the beginning, she is usually seen wearing a dark red leather tunic with a lightwight copper breastplate and leather pants, red boots, and a hooded red cape. However, she later changes her attire to a white and red leather outfit, consisting of a skirt and thigh-high boots.

She also occasionally wears a white outfit, with a white long skirt, a tube top showing part of her belly, along with a red ribbon that goes around the top part of her outfit to make a bow. She also goes barefoot, and wears a white strip around her ankles.When dressing casually, Jezebeth likes to wear cute and fashionable clothing, which usually consists of skirts.

Jezebeth also refuses to wear the True Cross Academy girls uniform, claiming it to be horrid-looking. Instead, she chooses to wear her own black coat and skirt, white blouse, and red ribbon with white tights.

In addition, she can transform into a small dog when she counts down from three in German or says a cute catchphrase. In this form, she is a puppy, an Alaskan Malamute. The top of her coat is black, while her tummy and legs are snow-white. She has two white spots for eyebrows and brilliant blue eyes, instead of hazel eyes.


Jezebeth is much like her father. She is mysterious, and always knows more than what she is letting on. She is usually very cool, calm, and collected. Jezebeth is also careful and meticulous, like a chess player, and is always ahead of the game.

She enjoys creating trouble and chaos. She likes to constantly confuse and trick people, claiming it to be a hobby of hers. She also takes great amusement in ruining Amaimon's plans to get a reaction out of him. Jezebeth finds Assiah to be wonderful and, like her father, thinks of it as her playground. However, she does not go to the extent of killing anyone, knowing it will anger her father and ruin her fun and plans. She apparantly "loves" humans, finding them all to be rather amusing and easy to mess with, her favourite being her half-uncle Rin. 

Jezebeth is always conspiring with people, mostly her father and uncles. Much like her father, she likes to make gambles with whoever possible.

After meeting Rin, Jezebeth shows that she can actually be very protective, caring, and kindhearted. However, this is only with people she truly cares about. Like her father and uncle, she loves to eat sweets and enjoys going to amusement parks.


Jezebeth was born at True Cross Academy on Decemeber 31, four days after the Blue Night. Mephisto wanted Jezebeth to remain in Assiah to be raised, but Lilith did not want Jezebeth to be raised in Assiah, believing that growing up around human influences would not be good. Due to this, shortly after her birth, Jezebeth was brought to Gehenna by her mother to be raised.

Throughout her childhood, Jezebeth travelled to Assiah to visit her father, and then she would return back to Gehenna. Whenever Jezebeth was in Assiah, she would be trained by her father and the highest-ranking Exorcists. Despite rarely seeing her father, Jezebeth was incredibly fond of him and liked him more than her mother.

While in Gehenna, Jezebeth spent more time with her uncles than she did with her mother. Her uncles started training her and teaching her the history of Gehenna from a very young age. It quickly became apparent that Jezebeth was a prodigy and a genius. 

Eventually, when Jezebeth reached the age of ten, she stopped going to Assiah to visit her father. She claimed that she didn't wany anything to do with him because he lived among humans.

After she stopped visiting her father, Jezebeth grew to view her uncles as her parental figures and grew very fond of them; she became the closest with Lucifer and Iblis. Amaimon was the only one who Jezebeth didn't view as a parent-figure because she found him to be very childish and immature.

At the age of fifteen, Jezebeth's father requested that she come to live with him in Assiah and go undercover  as an Exwire to befriend and look over Rin Okumura, her half-uncle. Jezebeth refused, but she was ordered by Satan to accept.


True Cross Academy arcEdit


Bon is irritated

Upon her arrival at True Cross Academy, Jezebel meets Ryuji Suguro, who she finds to be extremley amusing, especially when he declares that he is going to defeat Satan. Jezebel immediately mocks and teases him, telling him that he will never be nearly powerful enough to last five minutes against Satan, much less to defeat him. Jezebel's comment strikes up Bon's immediate dislike for her.

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Being the daughter of the second strongest of the Eight Demon Kings and the first demon, Jezebeth is an extremley powerful. She has been trained by all her uncles, and is both a genius and prodigy. How powerful she really is has yet to be revealed.


Jez's dog-form

Transformation: Jezebeth, much like her father, possesses the unique and pecuiar ability of transforming into a small dog after counting down from three in German, which allows her to escape through small gaps and spaces. She also has the ability to turn into other animals, such as little bugs, allowing her to spy on the conversations of other people.

Time-Space Manipulation: Jezebeth is the daughter of Mephisto, who holds the title The King of Time and has dominion over time and space, allowing him to manipulate it in various ways. Due to this, Jezebeth herself is able to manipulate time and space to a certain extent. She is able to stop time for an unknown period of time.

Summoning: Jezebeth is able to summon a giant clock just like her father. She can do this by counting up to three in German or just by saying catchphrases which she deems to be cute, then snappy her fingers.

Superhuman Strength: Jezebeth is physically strong. She was capable of picking up Amaimon by his collar and throwing him across a great distance.

Regenerative Abilities: Due to being a demon, Jezebeth's body has high-speed regenerative abilities, much stronger than Rin's. When she was stabbed by Rin, her wound began trying to heal itself while the sword was still in her stomach.

Demon Telepathy: Jezebeth can communicate with demons that are in incapable of human speech. She is able to hear her familiar's thoughts, as well as the thoughts of other familiars. Jezebeth is even able to communicate mentally with her father and Rin.

Flaming Pentagram: When Jezebeth counts to three in German or says her catchphrase while waving her rapier in circles above her, she is able to create a giant, flaming pentagram in the air. It creates lightning as it hovers in the air.


Jezebeth's medical abilities are top notch, and they rival Yukio's. She has an extensive knowledge of how to heal wounds by any kind of demon, partially due to being a demon herself. She has a wide variety of knowledge regarding cellular biology, some of which she has learned from Yukio. Jezebeth is also rather capable of treating ordinary injuries.


Jezebeth, using a Magic Circle and her own blood, is able to easily summon other demons to fight for her. She

is capable of summoning more than one demon to use. Jezebeth displays a high level of spirit fortitude - confidence in one's self, and a lack of fear - which is why she is able to summon multiple demons at once and control them all, though being a demon herself helps.

Jezebeth is also able to work - and get along with - the familiars of others easily. She occasionally works alongside her fahther's familiar, Ukobach, and her uncle's familiar, Behemoth.

Familiar SpiritEdit

Jezebeth's actual familiar spirit is a Cat Sidhe named Shiro. She tamed Shiro when she was only six years old, and quickly became friends with her familiar, alwways keeping Shiro close at her side. Jezebeth uses Shiro as attack-force and transportation.


Jezebeth holds a meister for Dragoon, a gunslinger. Jezebeth can shoot her targerts with impressive accuracy, all while maintaining her cool, calm, and collected disposition. She has the ability to shoot demons behind her back without even looking at them, as well as easilt destroying giant demons. Jezebeth's weapons of choice are dual Beretta 92 pistols. She has the knowledge of how to properly fight all types of demons using her pistols.

Jezebeth is also very skilled in long distance shooting. She is able to successfully and accurately shoot demons from a great distance using a sniper rifle.


Jezebeth possesses an in-depth knowledge of holy scripture, which she learned when she was very young. She is able to easily quote the appropriate verse to exorcise demons. This is the area she is the least skilled in.



Mephisto PP

Jez's father: Mephisto

I'm not helping you by choice.

—Jezebeth to Mephisto, upon arriving at True Cross Academy

Mephisto Pheles is Jezebeth's father.

When Jezebeth was born, Mephisto wanted her to remain in Assiah and be raised there, but her mother did not want that and had her brought down to Gehenna. Jezebeth, however, would frequently travel back and forth between Assiah and Gehenna, spending time with both her mother and father. Though, she was much closer with her father and was incredibly fond of him.

Family TreeEdit

Yuri Egin
Mephisto Pheles
Demon Kings
Rin Okumura
Yukio Okumura
Jezebeth Pheles