Juri Okumura/Tokugawa (樹里奥村) is a major character in the fan fiction Hyacintho Exorcistis. She is the older adopted sister of Rin and Yukio Okumura and the younger adopted sister of Akatsuki Okumura/Sonozaki. She is a Middle Second Class Knight and Doctor.

Appearance Edit

Juri is described to have slightly curly black hair that reaches her shoulders, pale green eyes, and pale skin. She is also a little short for her age, standing as tall as Yukio without shoes on. Her hair is dyed red near the bottom, just at the curls. It used to be just plain black until she became an exorcist.

Personality Edit

Juri has a very cheeky and sarcastic personality, as well as a strict side to her that comes out during her classes. She knows many ways to have fun and constantly complains that something is boring or "not active enough". Choosing to tackle her problems head-on, Juri is also a rather stubborn girl that has a do-or-die policy whenever she makes her mind up on something. She is often the one to tease her brothers, as she had inherited her joking side from Shiro.

History Edit

Juri doesn't remember much of her life before Shiro, but she knows that she came from a small town and that her parents were killed by a demon before Shiro exorcised it. She was raised an Juri Okumura, and learned that her real name was Juri Tokugawa when she finished her training. She completed the cram school at fifteen and graduated a Lower Second Class Knight and Doctor.

When she graduating, Juri learned about Rin and Yukio's parents and vowed to protect them for as long as she could.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

Showing much promise in becoming an exorcists, Juri is quite knowledgable when it comes to blades and poisons.

Knight Edit

Juri is described by her teachers as a genius with blades, and this is often shown when she performs exorcisms with her favourite sword, a jian that has "Blessed be the Lord" engraved into the hilt.

Doctor Edit

Being the pharmacueticals teacher in the cram school, it is quite obvious Juri knows a lot about how to treat what. When using her Doctor skills, she thinks quicker and gets the job done as fast as she can.

Trivia Edit

  • Whenever the two meet, Juri insists that she and Shura see who is better with their swords.
  • Yukio saw Juri as a role model, and yet Juri was ironically assigned the task of mentoring Rin in his swordsmanship.

Quotes Edit

"What do you mean 'what am I doing here'? Mephisto told me to watch over them as well! And doesn't a sister have a right to look over her brothers and help them where help is needed?" - to Akatsuki

"It may be the case that you simply don't like them, Mr Suguro, but if the world worked that way then there would be more problems. Now sit down, Bon." - to Ryuji