Tch. You think a flawed person could defeat Satan? Don't hurt your ego like that.

—Karin, To Rin Okumura

Karin Imaidegawa (今一出側 加林 Imaidegawa Karin) is a student at True Cross Academy who also attends Exorcist Cram School to become a Dragoon.

Karin Imaidegawa
Name Karin Imaidegawa
Kanji 今一出側 加林
Romanji Imaidegawa Kārin
Race Human
Birthday February 16th
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 162 cm (5'3")
Weight 52kg (114lbs.)
Eyes Blue-Teal
Hair Lavender-Silver
Blood Type B
Unusual Features Extreme Expressions
Professional Status
Affiliation True Cross Academy
Occupation High School Student
Sharpshooter (Marksman)
Base of Operations True Cross Academy
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Mië Imaidegawa (Mother)
Tsuneo Imaidegawa (Father)
Alias Long Name (長々名, Hisa-shii na) from Rin
Exorcist Status
Class Meister
Meister Type Dragoon

Appearance Edit

Allegedly European or at least of European descent, Karin has wide crystal blue eyes, hip-length lavender-silver hair worn down, and clear pale skin. Her figure is average, and her most notable physical would be her extreme expressions, which make it impossible for her to hide how she's feeling.

She's normally seen wearing a version of the Cram School Uniform that consists of a white dress shirt with the academy's tie, covered by an opened long-sleeved black vest, a pink skirt, messy ankle-length socks, and Mary Janes.

Personality Edit

Generally an approachable person, Karin has an air of exuberance and selflessness that makes her an average yet hyper schoolgirl. Seemingly eager to learn with tons of questions, much to the delight of many teachers.

This persona, however, can easily be shed revealing a competitive and rather blunt girl, who tends to hold grudges. A natural orator with charismatic charm, she tries to put people on and can be pushy if it's seemingly not going her way.

Karin has a love for dominance, which could explain why she helps people to begin with because she has the power to accept or decline. She is easily ranked as the most physically violent and dangerous of her Cram School classmates in their day-to-day to life, which even Rin admits may be true.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Dragoon Edit

As an Exorcist-in-training, Karin exhibits amazing skill with sniper rifles, specifically her eye for quality telescopes. As of now, she has a custom WKW Wilk named Rozłączyć as her main weapon.

Relationships Edit

Rin Okumura Edit

Their relationship is strained due to her belief that he can never defeat Satan, solely because he is flawed. Rin constantly states that everyone is, and she replies that is why he remains undefeated. Thinking of that possibility, he admits to her that is true, but he still wants to try. She simply laughs at him, void of faith.

Yukio Okumura Edit

Ryuji "Bon" Suguro Edit

Lucifer Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the extras of the manga (book 4), Karin was revealed to have a middle name: Hanaetsumi. Thus, her name is Karin Hanaetsumi Imaidegawa
  • Her favorite food is hot chocolate fudge cake
  • Her favorite type of boy is the submissive type, but she has "some type of feeling" for Nemu Takara
  • Her favorite manga genres are Comedy, Horror, and Social Drama
  • Her talents and pastimes include salesmanship, being persuasive, playing dogdeball, and solving mysteries
  • She sleeps about 7 hours each night

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