Keirain Nite
Name Keirain Nite
Kanji 競輪ナイト
Romanji Keirin naito
Race Human?
Birthday Unknown
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5'12"
Weight 105lbs
Eyes Greyish Blue
Hair Red
Blood Type O
Unusual Features Likes Snakes, has injected all snake venom into his blood stream to build up immunity to them.
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation Vatican
Occupation Exorcist, Bokor
Team Himself
Partner None As Of Yet
Base of Operations Miskatonic University
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives none known
Alias None)
Exorcist Status
Class Exorcist
Meister Type Dragoon, Tamer

Keirain Nite is a Dragoon /Tamer type middle first class exorcist. He does random jobs exorcizeing Demons for money.


He has red hair whitch covers his greyish blue eyes (one at a time, alternateing), and wears a black and grey striped shirt, black leather jeans, and black leather metal straped shoes. He also Wears the necronomicon star around his neck.


he is goth. he hates sunlight, rainbows, humans, bees, and blood. he loves snakes, and has became immune to all snake poisons. He is also slightly sadistic as he laughs when others around him are in pain or in a state of panic and fear. makes one wonder if he's really human himself.


Nothing is known about his past before attending true cross acadamy. during his time there, he exelled at grimore lt., summoning deamons(mainly naga's and kin of asteroth). he decided to be a Dragoon/Tamer. He got 3 Familliars durring his time there, 2 shadow nagas from deamon summoning, and a shadow deamon named osiris that was seald in his cursed guns.

after graduateing from true cross, he became an exorcist working for the vatican. eventually he quit.....mostly because he couldent work well with people. he hasn't been seen (by exorcists anyways) sence.


Powers and AbilitysEdit

Cursed GunsEdit

he attained these on a mission while attending true cross academy. he killed a man possesed by a deamon, and took his guns. the guns were possessed by a deamon named osiris. osiris then became his familiar.


he has 2 other familiars. they are a pair of shadow nagas named Mizuchi And Mamushi. They Are summned from his black steel knife with two magic circles on it. he runs his thumb down the blade getting blood on both the magic circles summoning his nagas.





  • His Favorite food is Steak
  • He Loves Nagas, sankes, and serpents.
  • he hates humans.
    • makes you wonder if he is human.
  • his faveorite past-times are:
    • eating
    • sleeping
    • exorciseing deamons
    • reading manga
    • watching youtube
  • his faveorite manga genras are:
    • shonen
    • sci-fi
    • horror