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Marouane Hachmi

ハシミ • マルワン


Hashimi Maruwan


Hiroki Ishikawa (石川大輝)




Male Male




180.3 cm. (5'11")


72.1 kg. (159 lbs.)


May 23rd

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Saifullah Order

Previous Affiliation

Ismail Ibn Sharif Academy



Previous Occupation


Base of Operations

Morocco Fez, Morocco
Saudi Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Vatican Vatican (solely diplomatic)

Exorcist Information

Upper Second Class




Heckler & Koch MP5

Personal Status



Mustapha Hachmi (father) †
Fatiha Hachmi (mother)
Adnane Hachmi (brother)
Yasmine Hachmi (daughter)

Marouane Hachmi (Arabic: مروان هاشمي; Japanese: ハシミ • マルワン) is a Muslim Upper Second Class Exorcist. He currently works for the Saifullah Order – a Mecca-based Muslim exorcist organization that targets evil jinn as both an exorcist and the formal diplomat between the Saifullah and the True Cross Order.

 Appearance Edit

Marouane is a 41-year-old Arab-Berber man with tan skin, black hair, and brown eyes. His short hair is usually worn in a messy high ponytail or bun with stray strands sticking out on both sides. Marouane's eyebrows are dark and thick, and facial hair frames the bottom of his face and around his mouth. There is a long, distinct gash running from his right cheek to the bottom of his right eye, caused by an incident with his demon-possessed father as a youth.

 Personality Edit

In general, Marouane presents himself with a carefree, laid-back, and laissez-faire-like attitude somewhat similar to that of Mephisto Pheles. Not one to be offended easily, he is usually not self-conscious about his physical appearance, clothing – he prefers practicality and comfort to fashion or extravagance – or reputation, being someone who is willing to do whatever is needed to accomplish a task or mission. Despite his Muslim background and his current role as a muezzin, Marouane does not consider himself to be devoutly religious, even outright leaning towards agnosticism or irreligion – he has been noted to have openly questioned the teachings of Islam, the Qur'an, and other religions in the past. His behaviour and actions can be highly unorthodox for a Muslim, as Marouane can frequently be found drinking liquor or alcohol (and getting drunk) or smoking hookahs, while he even slept with several women during his youth (he has ceased in this practise, fortunately). To his daughter, Yasmine, Marouane has admitted in the past that he is "not a good – hell, even a decent – father", as he spent most of Yasmine's childhood out of the house either with the Order or smoking with Shiro (Yasmine was left at home with a babysitter).

As an esteemed diplomat for the Saifullah Order, Marouane is still, nevertheless, highly loyal to his sect and its beliefs.

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 History Edit

Early Life Edit

"Eh, my childhood was never that exciting, in all honesty. I grew up in a small, rural town in Morocco, and my father was the leader of our local mosque. Nothing out of the ordinary, really."
– Marouane on his childhood.
Not much is publicly known about Marouane's early life, as he mainly refuses to speak about the topic when brought up. It is known, however, that he was born and raised in Morocco as a Muslim, where his father, Mustapha, worked as an imam (leader) of their local mosque.

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 Powers & Abilities Edit

Aria Edit

As a muezzin and Exorcist, Marouane possesses extensive knowledge of the Islamic Qur'an and hadiths and can rapidly quote ayahs (verses) for specific demons and jinn. He is one of the few Muslim Arias today, as the title is sacred among the Saifullah and requires a meister to be a hafizone who has memorised the entire Qur'an. Unfortunately, most individuals nowadays are not able to complete the daunting task to earn the title.

With his position as muezzin, he also utilizes the adhan (أذان) – the Islamic call to prayer[1]as a form of exorcising jinn. Marouane also places his hand on a host's forehead while reciting ayahs: a real procedure utilised by Muslim exorcists.[2]

 Dragoon Edit

Though Marouane can often be spotted using the standard Dragoon pistol, he also prefers to use a wider range of firearms, including the machine and submachine guns.

Diplomatic Skills Edit

As the official representative of the Saifullah Order to the True Cross Order and the Vatican, Marouane is a commendable speaker and diplomat highly recognised for his talent in resolving any conflict between the two groups.

Relationships Edit

Yasmine Hachmi Edit

"So just because you're suddenly sober and acting how a father should gives you the right to call me your 'daughter'? Are you serious? After years of neglect and interrupting my life by forcing me to pick up your sad, drunken ass from a bar, and you're actually trying to get your shit together now? To me, you're nothing but an ungrateful, selfish, and apathetic son of a bitch."
– Yasmine to Marouane.

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Adnane Hachmi Edit


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Fun Facts Edit

  • He always wears a necklace with the hamsa (خمسة), a North African talisman that supposedly guards against the evil eye.
  • The name of his organisation, Saifullah (سيف الله) literally means "sword of God" in Arabic.[3] Therefore, in English, it translates to "Order of the Sword of God".
  • Like Shiro, Marouane smokes, but the latter is very selective and only smokes hookahs.
  • He loves playing drinking games, despite the fact that alcohol is prohibited in Islam.
    • Marouane claims to be a "champion" at beer pong and fear pong.
  • Marouane sleeps an average of 6-7 hours a day, but he has difficulty sleeping in hot or humid conditions.

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