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-It's believed that the Archangel Michael killed as many as one thousand demons.

-Actually, it was more like one million. Michael doesn't like to let demons get away.

—Gabriel and Tsubaki, In Chapter 5, The Seal

Michael is an Archangel and a character in the Blue Exorcist fanfiction "Black Heaven".

History Edit

Michael is not only an Archangel, but he is also the first Angel in existence and the first sentient being to be created by God.

Michael bore witness to the creation of his younger kin and the universe itself.

When God created humanity, Michael was the very first angel in all of Heaven to bow down to them.

Over time, Michael's younger brother, Lucifer, grew jealous of God's attention for humanity. Of His love for them over his angels. Lucifer eventually declared a rebellion against God and lead an army against Heaven, to which Michael retaliated with his own army.

Michael eventually won and, with a heavy heart, cast his own brother Lucifer into Hell. Over the centuries, Lucifer began to go under the name Satan.

Michael went to the earth multiple times over the millennia. He empowered Sampson, taught exorcism to humans, and even helps people fight off demonic possession. He was also present for the battle of Sodom and Gomorrah along with Gabriel.

Michael has also gone to Assiah as an exorcist to get connections with the True Cross.

Plot Edit

Chapter 4 Edit

A painting of Michael is present in Uriel and Gabriel's penthouse.

Michael also briefly talks to them about the ninth son of Satan, where he reveals (to the reader) that they weren't sent to earth only to kill Rin Okumura.

Chapter 5 Edit

Michael is referenced historically in a cram school class in which Christian soldiers of the crusades credit a victory over demons to him. In this lesson, Gabriel states that Michael has killed over one million demons in his many years of life.

Chapter 6 Edit

Gabriel is in a church looking at a statue of Michael, where he tells a tourist that Michael looks even more beautiful in person.

After Gabriel is kidnapped by Lucifer, Uriel threatens Mephisto with the arrival of Michael and Raphael, claiming that her two siblings were "bigger in every sense of the word".

Chapter 7 Edit

Uriel contacts Michael and Raphael, informing them about Gabriel's capture and the seals being sought after by the demons.

Michael warns her to take care of it, otherwise he and Raphael would have to come down and take care of things themselves. Then they left.

Chapter 8 Edit

Uriel mentions Michael in this chapter, stating that he has the power to effortlessly kill Lucifer.

Chapter 9 Edit

Gabriel briefly mentions Michael in this chapter, as a part of stating that the Archangels were once content with leaving demons alone. In Gabriel's words, "Uriel and I had our hobbies, big sis had her books, and even Michael had his crown".

Chapter 12 Edit

Michael comes to Assiah to assist in the fighting of a fallen angel, who was given the first seal by Lucifer. Michael saves the lives of Rin, Yukio, and Shura, but Asmodeus gets away.


Personality Edit

Michael has two very different sides to his personality. The first is a very mature serious personality while the other is quite playful, as seen when he teased his younger siblings in front of their class.

He mostly reveals the mature side when fighting against a demon.

Appearance Edit

Michael has golden eyes and hair. He wears a black shirt, grey pants, and white shoes. He also wears the symbol of the True Cross as a necklace. Lastly, Michael has twelve snow white wings.

Equipment Edit

Michael has a sword that has a very unusual ability. Upon Michael uttering the words "Scatter, Divine Punishment", the sword scatters into feathers. Somehow, this allows Michael to deliver several blows to his opponents.

Unique Abilities Edit

Michael is known as the Archangel of Justice, Strength, and Loyalty.

Justice Edit

Michael is the chief authority in Heaven. When an angel is accused of committing a crime that goes against angelic law, Michael acts as their judge, jury, and if they are found guilty, executioner. Michael is the only angel with the power to cast another angel out of Heaven.

Strength Edit

Michael is the strongest angel in Heaven, not just physically, but psychologically. Michael never forms attachments to humans. As a result, he is the only Archangel not to kill a human when it was against orders.

Physical Strength Edit

Michael was able to cast Satan out of Heaven, however, this was not done single-handedly. The other Archangels ambushed Satan first, yet in the long hall, Michael was able to cast Satan into Hell where he would remain for eternity.

Exorcism Edit

Michael is often called upon in prayers for exorcisms. This is because during an exorcism, Michael actually gives the possessed party the strength to cast the demon out themselves.

Loyalty Edit

Michael is the most loyal angel with his only resolve being to please God. While the other Archangels have all disobeyed God in one form or another, Michael has never strayed from God's path. Because of this, God rewards Michael with Godlike abilities whenever the need arises.

Pyrokinesis Edit

Michael is the master of Holy Fire. When Creation was finished, God allowed the Archangels to divide the universe among themselves. Michael, being the oldest, took Heaven. Meanwhile, Raphael took the sky, Uriel took the land and sun, Gabriel took the sea and stars, and Satan drew the shortest straw and took Gehenna. Because Michael took Heaven, he has unlimited access to all of Heaven's powers and weapons, including Holy Fire.

In fact, Archangels must channel their power from Michael to get their own access to Holy Fire. Michael has the option to cut them off at any time.

Ironically, it was because Satan lost his power to use Holy Fire that he slowly taught himself mastery of the blue flames over his centuries in Gehenna.

Trivia Edit

  • Michael's name translates to the rhetorical question, "Who is like God?".