Mimio girryuu exorcist by chibivampirepanda-d4x081k

Mimio Ginryuu is a Second Middle Class Exorcist and the daughter of a yakuza in Hokkaido. She transfers to True Cross Academy shortly after the events of Satan's summoning.


Mimio is a female who stands to about 5'4 with brown hair often tied in pigtails and grey eyes. She is almost always seen wearing a red hoodie with a black T-shirt (varying with a similar black T-shirt with a picture of Alphonse Elric's blood seal on it.) a red hoodie, and a red skirt with black and white striped stockings and brown lace up boots.

Occasionally though, Mimio can be seen in a pair of red shorts instead of her regular skirt.


Mimio, at first glance, is often mistaken for a Goth female with absolutely no piercings. But when getting to know her, she does act like the yakuza she was raised around. She can be blunt and swears colorfully, also using the name 'Jashin' in the place of God. Mimio enjoys hugging people as well, especially Renzou Shima, whom claims he thinks he's in love with her, and she herself may have some requited feelings.

Mimio is also a fujoshi or yaoi fangirl, seeing as she is often seen reading Love Neko or Lovers Doll by Kazuhiko Mishima. She reads other manga as well, but mostly yaoi related writings.

Mimio can be very easily angered, as seen on her first encounter with Amaimon and some of her yaoi manga was destroyed. She also has insatiable appetite for sweets, such as cookies. Mimio also gives nicknames to people, calling Yukio Okumura 'Spotty', and Shima 'Pinky'. This can be related with yakuza given names.


Mimio was born on June 30th to a young Exorcist woman and her boyfriend yakuza. A year or so after her birth, her mother perished in the Blue Night while visiting her friends in a temple in Kyoto. Her father, greiving over the loss, moved him and Mimio up to Hokkaido to stay with her father's gang. From there, Mimio was raised in a comfortable enviroment with a lot of different men, whom she considers her 'Uncles', spawning all the way through Hokkaido to America and even a few places in India.

At age six, when an Exorcist yakuza came to visit, she grabbed a summoning paper from his pocket with a cut finger. After yanking it out and the Exorcist yelling at her, she screamed about him getting eaten by snakes and a small pink snake demon appeared, hissing and protecting young Mimio. Her father saw this and ordered the man to start training her for unknown reasons. Her first task was mastering the art of being a Tamer, which, after much arguements with her Uncle Chan (the Exorcist man. She told him that he needed to get laid and that he was an annoying old bastard.) she finally dripped blood on a summoning circle and summoned two kin of Beezlebub, Madama Butterfly and Madama Styx, and made a contract with them.

Another occurence as a child was another uncle telling her about cooties and making her so upset that she cried constantly and had to be conforted by her father.

Her maternal grandparents weren't around because they were traveling the world as nomads, and her paternal grandparents died before she was born. The only living family known to Mimio now is her yakuza uncles and her father, who remains in Hokkaido and sends the occasional letter.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Mimio uses a wide variety of demonic weaponry, varying from whips to guns. She has Meister titles in Dragoon, Knight, and Tamer, making her range of attacks mostly offense.


Mimio's only non-demon weapons would be her Beretta Storms, which are always hidden in her school bag. She uses other demon guns, such a pair of pistols that is powered by faerie dust.


Mimio's sword skills have yet to be seen, but in one of her flashbacks she is seen with a large sword resembling Arthur Augutse Angel's Caliburn. She a[[ears very skilled with butterfly knives as well, and an assortment of daggers.


Mimio hasn't been seen with a familiar yet, but it was her Tamer abilities that got her started on being an Exorcist in the first place, and her current familiars are Madama Butterfly and Madama Styx. They haven't aided in her any recent battles, but Mimio has summoned a snake demon into a whip she possesses whose name is Vrita.


A possessed whip, sealing away the soul of the ancient serpentine demon Vrita. Summoning the power of the demon from a portal on the weapon's hilt, it can be used in the same manner as a normal whip