Miya Kanzaki
Kanji 神崎三矢
Romanji Kanzaki Miya
Race Demon
Gender Female
Eyes Scarlet-black
Hair Red
Professional Status
Affiliation The 34 Pillar Legion
Previous Partner Touma Kanzaki (deceased)
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives Satan (father)

Touma Kanzaki (husband, deceased)
Yomi Kanzaki (daughter)
Rin & Yukio Okumura (half-brothers)
Aoi Okumura (half-sister)
The Six Princes of Hell (brothers)

Exorcist Status
Meister Type {{{meister type}}}
Miya Kanzaki (神崎三矢 / Kanzaki Miya) is the First Princess of Gehenna and Satan's first-born child. She was married to Touma Kanzaki, a half-demon and a High-Class Vampire Hunter of the English Purist Church. Miya herself os the leader of a powerful demon legion that works directly under Satan. Additionally, she bore Touma a daughter called Yomi Kanzaki.


Miya is tall, has long hair with frontal bangs and doesn't dress like a princess at all. She has scarlet horns, canine teeth and a long, scarlet tail. She also has similar cloth as her sister Aoi and always with her is her big, saw-esque claymore.


Generally, Miya appears cold and stoic. Really ironic considering that she's the Fire Queen and therefore one could assume that she's short-tempered. Miya is the passive type and hasn't appeared much yet to judge her personality.


Not much is known about her, except that she is one of the first demons in existance, after Satan and her unknown mother.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the Fire Queen and one of the strongest demons ever, Miya is guaranteed to have a large stock of powerful abilities.

Gehenna GateEdit

Like the rest of her family, Miya too can summon the Gehenna Gate. However, it was never seen before.