Name Osiril
Kanji オシリス
Romanji Oshirisu
Race Demon
Birthday Unknown
Age 17 (Physically)

Unknown, possibly thousands of years (Chronologically)

Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Eyes Yellow
Hair Blonde
Blood Type Demonic
Professional Status
Affiliation Gehenna


Occupation Demon King, Infernios Head
Team Gehenna Royal family.


Partner Other Demons
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Satan (Father)

All Demon Princes (brothers)

Exorcist Status
Class Demonic Warrior Prince
Meister Type {{{meister type}}}
I don't get you. Hence i don't like you. Time to burn your face off.

— Osiril to a lesser Demon

 Osiril  is a Demon whom was originally a son of Satan- however, he took no honour in the role or title of this. He dispised Satan however still served an undergroup of his rule- Infernios. Infernios was an elite splinter group of Demons who were tasked on killing extremely powerful Exorcists- normally in the top 5 ranks, however were never tasked with taking out the Paladin. Osiril refers himself to be an Etherious/Humanoid Demon- being able to take on both Human, and Demon form.