is the greater demon and Satan's right arm. He is Satan's best friend.


Raiden's true form is that of a younger and taller bishonen version of himself with dark hair.bell-sleeved robe with a more decorated black robe beneath. He has black shoes and a tattoo on his chest that appears to be a sun.


Radien is said to be the most sensitive out of the three Satan's right arm and has an attraction to 2D form, particularly the female characters. Like Rin, he is somewhat a pervert. He seems not to tolerate disrespect and insolence well, and said himself that he is very impatient.Radien is said to be the most skilled master of the blac arts (summoning, seals, ect.). The true extent of his power is yet to be revealed. Raiden is light hearted, casual and fun loving, much like his best frien,Satan was supposed to have been. In the past he was shown to have been intolerable to the antics of the younger members arguing, and took the position of crew disciplinarian very seriously.

Once a rather strict disciplinarian of the Demons, Radien has turned his personality around in his older years, figuring that he didn't have too much time left and it would probably be wasted as a hardass. Also, with the crew long disbanded and his demon having faced execution, there really was not anybody around to continue disciplining. So, Radien lives out his retirement age embracing the life that made his Captain famous, enjoying every moment for what it's worth with alcohol, women, gambling and good times.

Though he often has a serious air, Radien enjoys going with the flow and appearing in unexpected places and in unexpected ways, especially when given his status and age. And speaking of age, he often comments on it and how his body 'doesn't work the way it used to,' usually right before doing something incredible.

Unlike those that classically behave in this manner however, the Master Satan is not often headstrong, looking before he leaps and taking time to plan ahead a bit before taking action, which is not to say that this saves the old man from all acts of spontaneity.

Even when entering into an unfortunate, unplanned or just plain surprising situation though, such as engaging a marine admiral in combat or having his ship sink in the Demon King infested waters of the Grand Radien remains completely calm, pushing forward through adversity with no hesitation.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Radien is known to possess immense knowledge and fighting prowess that when he becomes serious he gains an immense terrifying aura. When he fought Rin he was able to go toe to toe with her without using his true power when he herself was. Though he commented that he was impressed by he use in the Jigen-tou (in which he commented that he had mastered it as if it was her own technique) but was still nowhere close to his level of mastery. Rin also possesses an enormous amount of youki in which he released a great portion of it when Rin angered him. When Rin said he could defeat him, Rin was greatly angered by his insolence and brought the girl to her knees with his youki alone.