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You do realize Samael, that Gabriel and I have two other siblings. They're bigger, in every sense of the word. If anything happens to Gabriel, they'll come here and make you suffer in ways that will make hell jealous.

—Uriel, In Chapter 6, Taken

Raphael is an Archangel and a character in Blue Exorcist fanfiction "Black Heaven".

History Edit

Raphael is the middle child of the Archangels. She was created before the twins and Azrael and after Michael and Satan.

Raphael first went to the earth for the rein of King Solomon. She was the true source of the wisdom of Solomon. While Solomon possessed no high IQ himself, Raphael, in all her knowledge, acted as an adviser to Solomon. During this time, she chose to only appear to him and no other human. So for the sake of appearances, Solomon seemed to be the wise one. Over the years, Raphael fell in love with the human king. However, she realized that he did not share her feelings because of his many wives. Heartbroken, Raphael deified God's orders and returned to Heaven in tears. Without her guidance, the kingdom of Israel eventually fell into ruin.

Raphael disobeyed God again during the rein of Constantine the Great. Human behavior was always a concept that confused even Raphael. And so, she gave Constantine a vision with the knowledge that he would win the battle of Milvian Bridge, with her prediction coming true after the battle. Raphael was curious to see what the human emperor would do with the knowledge of his own victory.

God was so infuriated with Raphael's interference with the natural order that He took away her sight for the next century, and banished her to the earth. While there, she came across the Demon King Azazel. Azazel then proceeded to mock her for her lack of sight. However, even though Raphael was stricken blind, she was still an Archangel. After a long battle, Raphael defeated Azazel and punished him for insulting her by crystallizing the body he was possessing to the extant that he couldn't lift a finger.

When Raphael regained her sight and returned to Heaven, she was welcomed back with open arms by the Heavenly Host despite her previous actions.

Plot Edit

Chapter 4 Edit

Raphael briefly took the form of a fiery pillar as she appeared to her twin siblings.

Chapter 6 Edit

Raphael was mentioned by Uriel as she threatened Mephisto, stating that if Gabriel was hurt, Raphael and Michael would torture Mephisto to an extant that not even Hell could compare.

Chapter 7 Edit

Uriel contacts Michael and Raphael, informing them about Gabriel's capture and the seals being sought after by the demons.

Chapter 8 Edit

Uriel mentions Raphael, stating that she had the power to kill Lucifer.

Chapter 9 Edit

Gabriel mentions Raphael briefly while stating that the Archangels were once content with leaving demons alone. In Gabriel's words, "Uriel and I had our hobbies, big sis had her books, and even Michael had his crown".


Personality Edit

Raphael has yet to reveal much of herself. Still, it was implied by Uriel that she is protects her siblings so fiercely, she would torture to keep them safe. It is also implied that she has no taste for violence like her brothers.

Appearance Edit

Raphael has yet to make an appearance

Unique Abilities Edit

Raphael is known as the Archangel of Wind, Wisdom, and Foresight.

Wisdom Edit

Raphael is the most scholarly out of all the Archangels. Some of her siblings start to forget certain moments of their lives after billions on billions of years of life. Raphael, however, hasn't forgotten a single moment since the day she was created.

Foresight Edit

All Archangels are able to look into the past and to some extant, the present. However, Raphael is the only being in the universe besides God to master complete omniscience and the power to know the future.

Omniscience Edit

Raphael is aware of everything around her. She has mastered omniscience to such an extent, that she was able to vanquish the Demon King Azazel without the use of her eyes.

Visions Edit

Raphael regularly has visions of the future. However, Raphael has no control over when she has her premonitions and they often reveal little detail to future events.

Aerokinesis Edit

Raphael has dominion over the wind. When Creation was finished, God allowed the Archangels to divide the universe among themselves. Michael, being the oldest, took Heaven. Meanwhile, Raphael took the sky, Uriel took the land and the sun, Gabriel took the sea and the stars, and Satan drew the shortest straw and took Gehenna. Because of this, only she can decide what angels are permitted back in Heaven, as she can manipulate the wind to force them to the ground. For this reason, all angels must first see Raphael and receive her permission to leave Heaven, otherwise they will never be allowed to return to their home.

Raphael can also use this ability in battle. Given enough force, she can cause the winds to slice through solid steel.

Advanced Healing Edit

Angels are generally able to heal their own minor injuries. However, when critically wounded and unable to heal themselves, only Raphael and her personal flight of angels known as the Grigory retain the power to heal another angel.

Trivia Edit

  • Raphael's name means "It is God who heals".
  • Raphael's imprisoning of Azazel is based on Hebrew scripture, in which Raphael binds Azazel to the desert.