The Rising of the Infernal series was a AU fanfiction series that takes place after the animated series of Blue Exorcist and begins to introduce the other Demon Princes, after the attempt made by Satan to cause a permanent doorway between Gehenna and Earth the barrier between the two worlds has never been weaker, now the remaining Eight Kings of Gehenna are coming through on mass to party in their new playground.



Hordes of HellEdit

Royal CourtEdit


Satan is the King of all Gehenna. It has been said that he is the creator of every demon in existence. Satan wants to merge Assiah and Gehenna to make one joint world, but cannot fully exist in Assiah because there is no vessel strong enough to contain him.


Astaroth is the King of Rot. He possessed Reiji Shiratori, the leader of the delinquent gang, and as Satan's minion, came to escort Rin Okumura back to Gehenna. As one of the youngest, non-Hybrid son of Satan, Astaroth will always require a Vessel to interact in the human world.


Amaimon, also known as the "Earth King," is one of the 8 Demon Princes of Gehenna and a son of Satan. Unlike his father and elder brother Mephisto Pheles, Amaimon had little interest in Rin after their first encounter, but his interest grows during his multiple encounters with Rin.

Due to the weakening barriers between Gehenna and Earth, Amaimon is now capable of coming and going in the two worlds as he pleases, unlike before Satan's attempt to fuse the worlds when he and his other siblings needed Vessels to exist in the world.


The Demon King of Water, he was dated to appear in the series.

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The Demon King of Spirits and the second oldest of Satan's children, Azazel has an angelic appearance compared to his siblings and controls Darkness and generates blasts of light, he was the second King to learn to generate his true form as armour and retain a human appearance even while in Gehenna.


The Demon King of Insects, he was dated to appear in the series, it was mentioned that Beelzebub is the oldest son of Satan.

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The Demon King of Fire and the third oldest of Satan's children, Iblis has an obsessive relationship with his elder brother: Azazel, Iblis was the first who learned to generate his true form as armour and retain a human appearance even while in Gehenna.

Lower CirclesEdit