Robin Sena Okumora
Race Human-demon
Birthday December 24th
Age 14
Gender Female
Height '5, 5" ft
Weight 69 kg
Eyes green
Hair brown
Blood Type AB-
Unusual Features Gentle Disposition
Hair Style
Professional Status
Affiliation True Cross Academy
Previous Affiliation Fujimoto Orphanage
Occupation Studen
Exorcist in Training
Partner Shura Kirigakure
Previous Partner Shiemi Moriyama
Ryuji Suguro
Base of Operations True Cross Academy
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Shirou Fujimoto (father)
Yukio Okumura (adoptive older brother)
Satan (biological father)
Alias The Blue Witch
Daughter of Satan
The Blue Exorcist
Flame Mistress
Exorcist Status
Class Exwire
Meister Type Knight
I may be a demon... but I am human first and foremost. If you see me as a demon, then strike me down. As a human being, I will not fight back. Remember this; I am Robin Sena Okumura, daughter of Shirou Fujimoto... and I fight to protect that which is precious to me.


Robin Sena Okumura is the protagonist of the story, "Blue Exorcist: Heavenly Night," and a student at True Cross Academy. She is recorded as one of the youngest students to enroll, and the adoptive younger sister of Yukio Okumura. Despite being the daughter of Satan, she became an Exorcist to protect those she holds precious. She takes the place of Rin Okumura in the story, and heavily contrasts with him.

Appearance Edit

Robin is a young girl with long brown hair and green eyes. Often, she is dressed in a simple black and scarlet dress with a frilled neck and cuff that reaches down to her feet, and ties them into small tails on either side of her head. Like the other students at True Cross, she is dressed a black and white uniform, and keeps her hair down. Her casual attire consists of her usual outfit, only with a maroon colored coat that ends at her knuckles and calves.

Personality Edit

In contrast to her counterpart, Rin, Robin is a gentle, kind, and caring soul, enough so that she has been considered a saint by many, often offering words of solace and encouragement to others when in need of it, and cares deeply for everyone, be them strangers or family members. It is likely because of such kind nature that she has often been bullied, leaving her older brother, Yukio, to defend her. This became increasingly apparent when she received a scholarship to True Cross Academy, a prestigous school, despite being in her first year of highschool. In spite of this, she chooses not to fight back, and instead tells them that what they are doing is pointless and meaningless, and would not benefit them at all. While this leads to a near beating, she has been able to calmly diffuse any situation.

In regards to her family, she cares deeply for both her father and brother, even if she knows that they are not related by blood. Even when she learns that she is the daughter of Satan, she still loves him, perhaps even greater than before, and gives him a heartfelt, tearful hug when she leaves the orphanage. She also cares for Yukio, genuinely happy that he is attending True Cross until she learned that he was also an Exorcist, expressing concern over his well being, though she later accepted this when he told her his reasons.

As an exorcist, she is calm and collected, preferring to watch the battle at first and remain on the defensive until she has a good feel for her opponent, and then acts accordingly, exploiting their weaknesses and/or holes in their defenses. Unlike most people, she views Satan as something to be pitied, unable to be understood by people and constantly being seen as a monster. Similar to her mother, Miyoko, she believes that demons and humans can one day co-exist, hence her primary reason for becoming an exorcist in the first place.

History Edit

Robin was born to Miyoko Sena, a foreigner visiting Japan, and Satan, the demon king of Gehenna. Though the Vatican, at first, expressed concerns about her existence, many opting to kill her, Shirou opted to adopt the girl, seeing something in her. Similarly, Mephisto agreed as well, claiming that she was unlike most demons, and controlled her own demonic power, despite being a mere baby. Her mother had died during childbirth, thus leaving her with only a father figure. Growing up, she remained kind, gentle, caring, and almost motherly towards the smaller children, and every day prayed to God. She was also very smart, on par with her older brother, and had even been allowed to skip a few grades ahead, even obtaining a scholarship to the prestigious True Cross Academy. Sadly, however, this, and her disposition, as well as being a foreigner, left her the target of bullying. Though it was not severe, it led had often caused troubles. Eventually, Yukio got involved to put an end to it.

Plot Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Regeneration: Like any demon, Robin possesses the ability to heal wounds at a rapid rate, even without the use of a healing enchantment. Her abilities are especially noteworthy, due to her being born a child to Satan.

Blue Flames: Unlike her half-siblings, Robin inherited her father's flames, and can use them to an almost incredible degree. Despite the fact that Kurikara has not been drawn from it's sheath by her hands, she is still able to summon the flames, and can manipulate them however way she wants, even able to form them into animal] forms such as birds, lions, tigers, and snakes. However, as a drawback, her eyesight becomes weakened when using her power, resulting in a slight loss of control.

Holy Scripture: Like most Aria, Robin is capable of reciting exorcisms and words of warding to return a demon back to Gehenna.

Equipment Edit

Kurikara Edit

Also known as the Koma Sword, it is a sacred treasure imbued with the flames of Satan, which spawned from Robin. It possesses uniques properties, such as able to exercise a demon from a human body. Since receiving it from Shirou before leaving the Orphanage, it has remained in it's sheath, bound in enchanted cloth, as she requested of Mephisto. According to Mephisto, when Robin unsheathes Kurikara, she will 'truly' awaken as a daughter of Satan, and as a result, her powers over her flames will become exponentially stronger.

Quotes Edit

"I love you, dad... I always will." -to Shirou Fujimoto

"No matter what people say, I will not fight back, nor scold them, nor scorn them, nor shout at them... There's no point." -to Ryuji Suguro

"I know for certain... One day, humans and demons will live in peace together."

Relationships Edit

Satan Edit

Despite the two having never met, they are aware of each other. Satan fell in love with her mother, much like he did with Yukio's mother, especially given that she, also, believed that humans and demons could live together in harmony. Sadly, Miyoko died during childbirth, leaving Satan heartbroken. Though he has not appeared in Assiah since then, he has been watching Robin live a normal, peaceful life. During a conversation with Mephisto, he expressed joy in learning that his only daughter believed in the idea of co-existence between humans and demons, and when he discovered that she had become an exorcist, he believes that Robin might be the only person to accomplish his, Yuri, and Miyoko's dream.

Shirou Fujimoto Edit

Robin's adoptive father, and also the current Paladin.

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