The Saifullah Order (神の剣 集団 Kami No Ken Shūdan) is an Exorcist organization. It is an Islam-based institution centered in Mecca. It operates internationally, but it is a subordinate to the dominant True Cross Order.

History Edit

The Saifullah Order was originally founded in Fez, Morocco, by Muslims in the 18th century during the reign of Sultan Ismail Ibn Sharif.

Rankings Edit

As they are both Abrahamic organisations, the Saifullah follows a similar ranking pattern to that of the True Cross Order. Some positions in the Saifullah, however, have their own unique names in Arabic. For example, a True Cross Knight would be called a Faris (فارس) among the Saifullah, while an Aria would be a Hafiz (حافظ).

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Trivia Edit

  • Morocco was chosen as the Saifullah's founding headquarters, as the country has a rich history of jinn superstition and belief.[1]

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