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Samuel Hayden
Name Samuel Hayden
Kanji サミュエルヘイデン
Race Human
Birthday July 6th, 1870
Age 60+
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Professional Status
Affiliation True Cross Order
Occupation Exorcist
Partner Arthur Pendragon
Base of Operations True Cross Academy
Personal Status
Status Active
Alias God of Intelligence
Exorcist Status
Class Upper 2nd Class
Meister Type {{{meister type}}}

Samuel Hayden (サミュエルヘイデン, Samyueruheiden) is an Upper-Second class Exorcist, and is regarded as the God of Intelligence due to his unrivaled intelligence. Samuel is the only known Exorcist to gain the title Meister in all of the categories. Due to his Decelerated Aging, Samuel is the oldest exorcist, has he was born in the 1800s.




Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Pre-Cellular AugmentationEdit

  • Genius-Intellect
  • Expert Tactician
  • Expert Engineer
  • Heightened Strength
  • Heightened Speed
  • Heightened Agility'
  • Heightened Stamina
  • Heightened Durability
  • Heightened Endurance
  • Heightened Sensory Systems

Post-Cellular AugmentationEdit

  • Super-Genius Intellect:
    • Accelerated Development
      • Develop Enhanced Conditions through constant improvement
      • Gain new skills/abilities faster then most humans
      • Become expert-master level in anything in a fraction of the time required
      • Potentially surpass the greatest masters in any fields
    • Accelerated Probability
    • Accelerated Thought Process
      • Accelerated Perception
    • Adoptive Muscle Memory
      • Can copy any movement/action after seeing it performed once
    • Attack Prediction
      • Can interpret and predict any attacks and react to incoming attack, brush off or avoid incoming attacks even from a deadly angle.
    • Body Language Analysis
      • Aim Dodging
      • Combat Perception
      • Lie Detection
    • Causality Perception
    • Clear Mind
    • Codification
    • Computer Perception
    • De-codification
    • Enhanced Brain Capacity
    • Enhanced Concentration Capacity
    • Enhanced Reading
    • Escape Artistry
    • Hyper-Competence
    • Hyper Mind
    • Intuitive Aptitude
      • Adoptive Muscle Memory
      • Enhanced Combat
    • Intuitive Perception
    • Knowledge Replication]
    • Mathematical Intuition
    • Omnilingualism
    • Panmnesia
    • Parallel Processing
    • Pattern Sense
    • Photographic Deduction
    • Probability Computation
    • Scientific Prowess
    • Tactical Analysis
  • Master Engineer
  • Physically Augmented
    • Augmented Strength: Samuel can lift 10-20 times his weight and size.
    • Augmented Speed: Can easily outrun all Olympic athletes, and even the most fastest of exorcists, or demons.
    • Augmented Agility
    • Augmented Endurance
    • Augmented Durability
    • Augmented Sensory Systems
    • Decelerated Aging
    • Augmented Regenerative Healing Factor
      • Can regeneration from any damage
      • Can regenerated lost limps
    • Augmented Immune System
      • Alcohol Immunity
      • Disease Immunity
      • Foreign Chemical Immunity
      • Poison Immunity
      • Protected Senses
      • High-Radiation Immunity
    • Augmented Athleticism
    • Augmented Dexterity
    • Augmented Vitality
    • Augmented Lung Capacity


Due to the cellular augmentation to his mental, and physical attributes, Samuel is easily able to master the sword of any kind, and adapt to the style. Currently, he wields an Holy Sword called Durandal.

  • Immense Destructive Power: Durandal is also called the Holy Sword of Destruction alongside the holy sword, Caliburn. It's able to release devastating amount of destructive power, and holy energy to easily harm a high-ranking demon, or even an Demon King.


Due to his enhanced visual perception, and many other perceptional abilities, Samuel is one of the best marksman in the True Cross Order.


Samuel is famed for being able to brew medicine that could heal almost any demonic-inflicted injuries.


Samuel is able to summon, and control immensely powerful demons, with Mephisto even commenting that he could summon a deity.


Samuel can remember every word of every passage if the Hebrew Bible, and the Christian Bible, and say them with such speed, and such clearness, many reckon he should be the Paladin.