Kanji サタン
Romanji Satan
Race Demon (previously Angel)
Gender male
Eyes yellow
Hair silver-white
Unusual Features Blue flames which destroy everything in Assiah
Professional Status
Affiliation Demons
Partner Yuri Egin
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives Yuri Egin (Wife)

Rin Okumura (Son)
Yukio Okumura (Son)
Aoi Okumura (Daughter)
Leviathan (Son)
Mephisto Pheles (Son)
Amaimon (Son)
and other children

Alias King of Gehenna
Exorcist Status
Meister Type {{{meister type}}}
Satan is the King of Gehenna and all demons. He is said to be the god of it as well and no body in Assiah (save for a few exceptions) is strong enough to host him because his power is simply too strong. Even Shirou Fujimoto didn't last very long once possessed by Satan.


Contrary to Catholic and Christian folklore in the series, Satan's true demon form is somewhat humanoid. He is tall, has long sliver-white hair and yellow eyes (as shown when he possessed Yukio). He also has typical demon features like long pointy ears, canine teeth and a long tail. He also has some kind of horns made out of blue flames on his head. When he releases his demon powers, he's covered in blue flames just like Rin. Despite his true age never being revealed, Satan keeps looking young and never ages.


Like on his appearance, there many misconceptions on Satan's personality as well. Although one could get the impression that Satan is a maniac (his laughter is really scary sometimes), loves torture and tempts people, he's nothing like that. Satan is very lazy, is dumb about human perceptions and loves to annoy the hell out of people with his pompous self (kind of like Leviathan, who's an exact Satan lookalike). However, he can also be very smart and serious when things get tough. On the other hand, he's shown to be apathetic whenever he goes to Assiah because people hunt demons. Like Rin, his temper is rather short and has problems managing his anger. All in all he's a big jerk with a heart of gold, as he's shown multiple times that he wouldn't let anyone hurt his family, especially Yuri.



Aoi states that Satan originally was an angel created by God from fire, which would explain his kind side. He was the most powerful angel in God's army until he was cast out of heaven for questioning God. This is where Satan is believed to have created Gehenna and every demon in it.

Blue NightEdit

15 years before the start of the series Satan created the Blue Night, an event where he possessed and murdered a great number of exorcists in order to save Yuri Egin (his future wife) from being burned a witch. Despite having succeeded in saving her, she died of childbirth when she gave birth to Rin and Yukio. On top of that, everyone who had lost loved ones during the Blue Night started hating Satan more than they ever thought they could.

Great ArmageddonEdit

Yuri's father Ernst Egin planned to use Rin as a sacrifice in order to destroy Gehenna with a "holy" weapon called Messiah. However, that plan backfired and Satan actually went inside Yukio's body to show him the truth about his mother. Being shocked at the fact that his own grandfather gave the order to kill Yuri, Yukio was irate. Satan used this to possess Yukio's body in order to fulfill Yuri's dream - a world with no Assiah and Gehenna where demons and humans could understand each other - by merging those worlds together. However, that plan brought great chaos and a series of deaths. Rin and Yukio foiled Satan's plan and destroyed the Gehenna gate.


Vampire Hunt ArcEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the King of Gehenna, Satan is the most powerful of all demons. Only a fraction of his power was revealed thus far. These powers being:

Gehenna GateEdit

The magical gate linking Assiah and Gehenna. Satan was implied to be the only one who could open it, but later it was shown that Aoi, Mephisto and other elite demons could open it too. This gate is the entrance to Gehenna, a place where only those with demonic blood can survive. It's size, appearance and abilities depend on the user and his amount of blood.

Fire ManipulationEdit

Satan (and all other royal demons as well) are able to manipulate flames at will. This way of fighting was the only one shown thus far. Humans and everything those flames touch are doomed to destruction. Only demons appear to be immune to those flames.


Rin OkumuraEdit

Rin is Satan's and Yuri's eldest son, thus half-demon. Satan's relationship to him appears to be quite hostile, although it's implied that Satan was worried about him since he sent Aoi to assist on the vampire hunt. Despite Rin not realizing it, he resembles Satan in many ways - parts of his appearance and personality derive from him. Satan himself implies that Rin could surpass him one day.

Yukio Okumura Edit

Rin's twin brother and Satan's son. His demon power awakened from a mashou (spirit wound inflicted by demons) when it reacted to the presence of the Gehenna gate during the Great Armageddon. After that event, he started thinking about what Satan showed him about his mother's views. As it progresses, Yukio more and more adapts a dark nature in order to protect Rin. He goes from hating Satan in the past to somewhat agreeing with him about the Vatican.. and that results into Yukio starting to hate the Vatican himself.

Aoi OkumuraEdit

Satan's daughter from Yuri. She refers to Satan as papa and to Yuri as mama, which indicates that she loves her parents very much. Because she grew up in Gehenna, she knew why Satan did his - by human perception - cruel acts. She herself indicates that she kind of admires her father for his strength and power, but also for standing his ground through all centuries of persecution.

Yuri EginEdit

Satan's wife and queen consort. It's clear that he loves her dearly, seen on his intent to murder a great number of exorcists just to save her from being burned a witch. He isn't completely soft though and his methods of fulfilling Yuri's dream for example are outright cruel from a human perspective. Yuri didn't describe her relationship with Satan as love at first, but she grew more attached the more time she spent with him. Her relationship with Satan is an example for demons not being evil, but rather different than humans.


  • In the Bible, it's stated that the angel Lucifer was created out of fire by God and thus became proud.
  • Whenever Satan possesses someone, he bears an uncanny resemblance to demons from medieval folklore (horns, pointy ears, devil tail).


  • (to Rin) "Forgive me if I sound like an old geezer right now, but I promise you.. the real me is really, really cool.."
  • (to Aoi) "Back off, girl. That Dracula fucker's mine."
  • (protecting Yuri) "Who the hell.. do you think we are... insulting Yuri's dream like that, you scumbag!!"
  • "The Vatican's a bunch of trashy moralfags, that's all there's to it."