Name Skoll
Kanji Unknown
Romanji Unknown
Race Primordial Demon (formerly)

Original Hybrid (currently)

Birthday 20th August (claimed)
Age Unknown, possibly thousands to millions of years.
Gender Male
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Eyes Green
Hair White
Blood Type Demonic
Unusual Features Snow White Hair & slitted Green eyes
White Demon tail
Manipulation of Air currents
Immense Demonic Speed, Strength, Agility, Endurance, Stamina and healing factor
White "Angel" Fire (later)
Professional Status
Affiliation Gehenna


Occupation Beta of Satan's Pack

Demon King of the Air.

Team Gehenna Royal family

Gehenna Demons

Partner Satan

Andras (primary)
Other Princes (secondary)
Other Demons

Base of Operations Satan's Castle (Gehenna Home)
Dark Temple (base in Assiah)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Satan (Pact brother/Alpha)

Mána (Pact sister)
Geri (Pact brother)
Freki (Pact brother)
Samael, Astaroth, Amaimon, Egyn, Azazel, Beelzebub and Iblis (fellow Demon Kings)
Andras (Demonic familiar)

Alias White Sphinx

White Wolf
Beta (by Satan)
Angel of the White Fire
Wolf that will Eat the Sun

Exorcist Status
Class Demonic Warrior
Meister Type Tamer, and later Knight (while undercover)
Long ago he was Satan's Lieutenant, now he is a vigilante that fights for the sake of Demon kind, a dangerous loose cannon that holds no grudge with humans but rather with those that fight and harm Demons.

—Yukio about Skoll, when tending to Rin's injuries at the Dorm after confronting Skoll in combat earlier that day.

Skoll is an extremely powerful Demon capable of taking on a human form and entering into the human world, Skoll is a member of "Satan's pack" and described as his Beta whom he gave the title of King of Air, he is however not a Son of Satan and seems to be the first Demon to be given the rank of Gehenna King without being related to Satan.

Skoll, similarly to Satan, is a Wolf Demon. He is the Beta of Satan's pack and reveal that one of his alternate names is Fenris, Skoll has a pact sister in Mána, pact brothers in Geri and Freki, and sees potential mates in Rin and Yukio who are essentially offspring to his Alpha: Satan.

In the Wolf Pack series, Skoll enters into Assiah and creates many headaches for Mephisto as he beats up many exorcists provoking Mephisto to send Rin, Yukio and the Esquires to confront him not understanding that he is doing exactly as Skoll and Satan want.

Later, Skoll awakens his pre-Demon Celestial nature causing himself to awaken as the Original Hybrid, and soon his memories of before his time as a Demon provoke him to consider guiding the balance between Gehenna and Assiah by defending Assiah and looking for a way to assimilate Gehenna.


Personality and traitsEdit

I truly and passionately feel one emotion for him. I hate him. There will be no love lost between he and I for me sending you to kill him, trust me.

—Mephisto Pheles, to Yukio, on his personal feelings for Skoll, at his office in True Cross Academy.

Skoll's main goal is to get revenge for his species by destroying all Exorcists that pose a threat to Gehenna. However despite all of his efforts, Skoll has been inevitably unsuccessful continuously, often at the last moment. That is why he feels that he always needs to gain more power in order to kill his enemy, sometimes going as far as to dominate other Demons with his power, living by a hierarchy of the "Rule of the Strongest".

Despite Skoll's thirst for power, he also has a kinder side. When Ernest Frederick Egin was about to have Yuri Egin executed, Skoll defended her even though she was a trained Exorcist, apparently out of real friendship and his loyalty to Satan. Also, when he had a chance to help a Demon kill a young Shura Kirigakure, a Exorcist-in-training and apprenticed to Shirō Fujimoto, he saved her instead stating afterwards that he doesn't kill children and shows a sense of honor by stating that he won't allow other Demons to demean themselves by living through the attempt.

He is quite an impulsive man and often jumps into the fray of things before thinking things through. He also is quick to anger and shows little tolerance to those who aggravate him - e.g. his familiar, Andras. Despite these traits, he is sociable and can get along with most people.

Additionally, he has a deep seated one-sided rivalry with Mephisto Pheles which Skoll calls exhausting and attempts not to participate in, Amaimon even hints that Mephisto is jealous of Skoll who despite not being related to Satan is his most trusted and beloved Demon.

Physical AppearanceEdit

  • Skoll, as seen in the manga.
  • Skoll, the new Tamer teacher and Self-defense teacher, at the Cram School.
  • Skoll and Geri going to True Cross Academy.
  • Skoll, in royal outfit, in Gehenna.
  • Skoll shirtless.
  • Skoll and Mána in a Park at True Cross Town.
  • Skoll, Mána and Geri.
  • Skoll, the beast unleashed.
  • Geri, Freki and Skoll.
  • Andras talking to Skoll.
He is the most handsome Devil in Gehenna, next to father, of course.

—Amaimon, to Rin, at True Cross Academy

Skoll has slitted Green eyes and snow white hair, he stands taller than Rin and just a few centimeters taller than Yukio, he was often seen wearing a a long scarf along with his damaged clothes that he gained while fighting Exorcists.

Later he is seen wearing Royal Clothes while in his human form in Gehenna, which comes with a cape that he rarely wears except for official business, and Hoodies and jeans when in the Human world, although at True Cross he wore a custom uniform and at the Cram School he wore a customized fighting outfit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being the second oldest Demon in existence gives Skoll a greatly enhanced level of power said to match and sometimes even surpass Satan's children, he crafted his own fighting style that corresponded with manipulating the air itself to turn his limbs into living blades, he seemed to also be capable of concentrating energy into a gap in the air itself thus to launch bolts of Lightning down at his enemies.

Advanced Physical capabilitiesEdit

Advanced Demonic PowersEdit

Skoll's demonic powers are in some sense more advanced than that of the strongest Son of Satan, he is one of the fastest, strongest, most agile and durable Demons in Gehenna. His healing factor is second to Satan.

Original Hybrid powersEdit

Following his ascension into the "Original Hybrid", all of Skoll's parameters are enhanced to the point that he is considered the Assiah equivalent of Satan and is enough for there to be indecision and new ideas being born within the Church and the True Cross Order, including many considering making Skoll the Order's leader and Exorcist Pope.

Skoll becomes faster and stronger than the Princes of Hell, no longer has the requirement to

He also gains the power to manipulate White Fire that many including Mephisto and Satan call "Holy Fire", grow Demonic-leather limbed and white feathered angelic wings, when he requires its aid.

Ventus FistEdit

Skoll invented his own hand-to-hand fighting style that is said to break through the sound barrier and to create blades of high-speed air, rare even among Winged and Wind-elemental Demons, the trick of the style is to formulate an ability that causes an explosion of kinetic energy within an artificially generated vacuum thus generating a powerful attack not weakened by any external or natural symptoms. Notable abilities are:

  • Ventus Blade - Skoll sweeps his hand out in a karate chop and generates a blade of golden energy, formed from the cutting efficiency of high speed air and energy.


Not long after his appearance, Skoll participates in the search for the Holy Grail, where he learns that he is the Demon form of the Demon sword Excalibur - therefore he didn't just invent a hand-to-hand combat style based off the Holy sword from the top of his head and that he can summon and wield it.

Excalibur abilitiesEdit

Skoll wields the Holy Sword Excalibur, the strongest and most holiest of the Demon Swords sometimes called the "Sword of Victory", therefore he has all of Excalibur's additional abilities.

  • Celestial Blade - Excalibur assimilates golden energy into itself, before releasing energy blade projectiles with each swing, they seem to be many times thicker than Resurekushion Excalibur style "Excalibur's Blade" ability, but also capable of less precision and more damage.
  • Celestial Blast - Excalibur summons golden energy into its blade before being thrown at where the enemy is standing, eventually exploding the energy around it as a ten meters wide and deep pillar of pure energy.


As a King-ranked Demon and one of Satan's inner circle, Skoll can command any and all Demons thus being able to summon them - sometimes through the use of a magic circle, his familiar is a disguised Demon Knight Raven of the Highest order called Andras.

Heavenly FireEdit

Heavenly Fire, also known as "Holy Fire" or "Angel Fire", is a unique flame said to match up to Satan's flames and able to totally eradicate any non-King Demons except their familiars and purify their souls to be used in the cycle of rebirth once again. Skoll apparently always had these flames, which appear as a white aura around himself but after awakening them through touching the Holy Grail with the attention of the Holy Fire causing the questioning of Skoll, Skoll confirms that he does not remember a time before awakening as a primordial Demon and insists that he must have been something before that and that there is some high power that is apathetic to the war between Gehenna and Assiah.

Air/Energy manipulationEdit

Alongside his immense combat capabilities, Skoll is capable of manipulating the air itself to do his bidding and by creating a vacuum he can generate lightning from an energy discharge within it, he has also been shown to use the air to float or to increase the height of his jumps or use Lightning to increase his speed and manipulate the air to separate air current before him, making him seem as though he is teleporting when in truth he is just moving that fast.

Gehenna GateEdit

Skoll seems old enough and capable enough to open a Gehenna Gate, Satan states that his Demon blood is so old and his relation to Satan is that of an adopted brother therefore Satan considers him family, Skoll seems to also be capable of creating portals of Darkness leading to and fro from Gehenna.


Sköll (Old Norse: "Treachery") is one of the Five Wolves of Norse Mythology, his father in Myth is Fenrir/Fenris. Skoll and his brother Hati/Mánagarmr are on an eternal hunt, chasing the Chariots that pull Sun and Moon respectively, which on Ragnarok they will finally succeed.


  • Despite stating that "Fenris" is the alternate name for Satan, Skoll is not a son of Satan, having a brotherly subordinate relationship with him.
  • Skoll may be the only Follower of Satan to hold the rank as a Gehenna King, without being related to Satan.