Slaven Faust
Kanji スラヴェン.ファウスト
Romanji Surābun Fāusto
Race Immortal
Age approx. 200 years
Gender male
Eyes one red, one blue
Hair black
Unusual Features "Eye of the Beholder" - family bloodline ability
Professional Status
Affiliation currently Vatican
Occupation leader of the Holy Inquisiton
Team The Holy Inquisition
Partner Michael
Base of Operations Demon Hunting
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives deceased
Exorcist Status
Class above Paladin
Meister Type Knight
Slaven Faust (スラヴェン.ファウスト/ Surābun Fāusto) is a mysterious Demon Hunter who currently works for the Vatican. He's currently the leader of the Holy Inquisiton in the Vatican and slays demons wherever he finds them.


Slaven has pitch-black hair along with his unusual eyes, red and blue. He is tall and has an athletic, non-muscular body. He is always dressed in black and he possesses the legendary sword Excalibur.


From the moment he first appears, Slaven is mysterious and acts as if he wants to hide his true self. He is calm, has incredible self-control over his emotions (despite his sheer hatred for Satan) and displays an emotionless personality. He rarely shows interest in his opponents because they're usually all weaker than himself. But when an opponent is stronger than Slaven expected, he compliments him on his abilities every now and then. He isn't arrogant at all, just.. bored. What people don't know is that Slaven's calm, collected personality developed after Satan wiped out his brethren.


Massacre of the Faust FamilyEdit

His family was massacred by Satan 200 years ago because of their bloodline ability, the Eye of the Beholder. Slaven was the only survivor of the massacre, developing a sheer hatred for Satan afterwards. He became an immortal through unknown means and since then he was known as a demon hunter.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Not much is known about Slaven's extent of power except his bloodline ability, the Eye of the Beholder.

Eye of the BeholderEdit

Slaven's inherited ability and the meaning of the two different eye colours. It's an illusory power with two key abilities: the Eye of Elysia (blue eye) and Dante's Inferno (red eye). The Eye of Elysia inflicts mental pain, while Dante's Inferno's power is currently unknown The mental pain coming from the blue eye allows Slaven to feel like he's in a blissful existence but it attacks the faculties of the victim.


Slaven's sword Excalibur is stronger than Arthur Auguste Angel's sword Caliburn. Excalibur looks like a katana with an azure blade and a red tilt, a homage to Slaven's eyes. However, its abilities are unknown except for the fact that it's powerful enough to destroy buildings with just a swing.


Helena FaustEdit

Slaven's deceased wife who was killed by Satan. Her appearance and personality are a lot like Yuri's, with the exception that Helena hated Satan.


Satan is Slaven's nemesis. Slaven has sworn to one day kill him in order to avenge his wife and family. How he plans doing so is currently unknown.

Yuri EginEdit

Slaven was Yuri's sensei and taught her how to wield a sword. His personality didn't scare her at all. Slaven thought of Yuri as a foolish girl, although he may have developed feelings for Yuri because she looks like his deceased wife; however, he became enraged when he found out her connection with Satan.


  • His surname Faust is taken from the Faust legend. Unlike Mephisto who uses Faust as a codename, Slaven is a descendant of Johann Faust.
  • Excalibur is the legendary sword of King Arthur which is said to have powerful abilities.