Sorath whom was also known as The 666, The Beast or the Anti-Christ, was an incredibly powerful Primordial Demon that was formerly an ally of Satan but had since fallen-out for unknown reasons possible relating his Disowned Eldest Son or Satan's paranoia. Sorath was claimed by Mephisto Pheles to be the only think capable of killing Satan and easily too, just as Sorath killed Satan's mother before him and allowed his friend to take the Throne of Gehenna, however it is hinted that Satan doesn't know a way to kill Sorath hence explaining his fear factor.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Sorath was an amnesiac. With no knowledge of his past, he settled down into a normal life in Gehenna with Satan, until his life was turned upside-down by the Civil War for succession. Though very outgoing in his personality, Sorath can be very childish at times, particularly when it comes to taking orders from others. Grave and solemn, his very presence demands deference from those around him. Even when he seems to be acting at ease, his peculiar charisma makes it impossible for others to drop their guard. Cool-headed and crafty, there is no limit to the cruelty he is capable of if it helps him achieve his goals.

The strongest and most feared warrior of the entire Gehenna Army. Sorath was excessively cruel, and thinks nothing of taking lives – a fact which makes him an excellent killing tool. He is perfectly aware of his own superiority, and looks down on his opponents with haughty turns of phrase and an appropriately domineering manner. The only exception was Satan, towards whom he was uncharacteristically polite, but although he followed Satan’s orders faithfully, he showed little interest in his plans or in the civil war itself, calling Satan's goals a "pointless dream".

Sorath's only emotional weakness is Ukobach, the first son of Satan and a Fire Sorcerer similar to his father, it is hinted that the rocky relationship between Sorath and Satan is due to Sorath's romantic and sexual relationship with Ukobach. Ukobach is said to be the only one to get under Sorath's skin however, with his unique personality usually winding Sorath up just as much as Rin.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sorath when he was younger had Black messy hair with platinum blond streaks running towards the fringe of his hair, he has dark blue eyes and has a young but strongly angled face, Sorath's body is just has young and strong with a light red-brown tan.

Sorath's death powers are most notable as the "Destroyer", both as the First under an Unknown Being and as the only one in Satan's Servants, he morphs to have Platinum Hair and when using massive amounts of power he gains not only fiery runes of death on his arms but blood red eyes.

Sorath wears skin-tight armour which is a Silver metal at the knees down, as the Unknown Being's "Destroyer" he had a crimson robe-like armour which promoted grace though little protection against being stabbed in the back, since retrieving his memories Sorath began wearing more heavier armour.

Sorath had a stud in his ear as the Unknown Being's "Destroyer" however after losing his memories and regaining himself, Sorath instead has two earings, in both cases they are seen in lobe of his left ear.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit