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-I'm afraid so. We both know what happens if the seals are broken.

-The end.

Uriel and Gabriel, In Chapter 5, The Seal

The Seven Seals are seven locks that contain the deadliest forces ever created.

Characteristics Edit

The Seven Seals were created at various times by the Archangels. Their very existence seals away the enemies of Heaven in a place called the void, a place where God did not create anything.

Upon being broken, the seals each release a force of evil so great, it could destroy humanity. The breaking of all Seven Seals is said to bring about the Apocalypse.

History Edit

Little is known about the Seals, besides their use. It was said by Uriel that the Seals have been on earth since the time Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden.

Michael has also stated that the seals were passed onto the exorcists and scattered across the globe.

Plot Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

The Seven Seals are first introduced when the first seal is found by Yukio and Shura after a fight with a snake demon.

Chapter 2 Edit

In the second chapter, it is revealed that the seal is not composed of any known element on earth.

Chapter 5 Edit

Yukio shows the first seal to Gabriel hoping to find answers. However, Gabriel steals the seal and leaves behind an illusion in its' place.

Later, a feather from Uriel's wing is discovered in the crater left behind by her arrival to earth. Upon further investigation, it is said that the feather and seal are made of the same material.

Then when Gabriel shows the seal to Uriel, she looks at it with worry, saying that if it were to be broken, it would spell the end of the world.

Chapter 6 Edit

Gabriel steals another seal from a cathedral near True Cross.

Afterwords, Lucifer sneaks up on Gabriel and attacks him, imprisoning Gabriel inside a crystal and stealing the second seal.

Chapter 7 Edit

Uriel presents the first seal to her siblings to prove that demons were after them.

She then mentions that the second seal was stolen by Lucifer.

Chapter 9 Edit

Uriel and Gabriel bargain Beelzebub's life for the second seal, to which Lucifer complies.

Chapter 10 Edit

Water demons recover the third seal and bring it before Egyn, but it is quickly stolen by a dark angel.

Said dark angel then delivered the seal to Gabriel and Uriel, who rewarded her by giving her back her status as an angel.

Chapter 11 Edit

Yukio gives the first seal to Lucifer in exchange for saving Rin's life.

Chapter 12 Edit

The first seal is given to a fallen angel but later stolen by Gabriel.


Trivia Edit

  • The Seals are all numbered with Roman Numerals underneath their symbols.
  • Though it has not been revealed what each of the Seals release upon being broken, the symbols on each of the Seals can be used as indicators.
  • The first Seal has a crown.
  • The second Seal has a pair of swords.
  • The third Seal has a pair of weighing scales.
  • The fourth Seal has an hourglass.
  • The fifth Seal has six serpents.
  • The sixth Seal has a crescent moon.
  • The seventh and final Seal has a pentagram.