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Yahweh (ヤハウェ, Yahau~e) is the ruler of Heaven, and the suppose creator of the Universe. He is the father of the eight Archangels. Yahweh is the exact opposite to Satan.


Yahweh has yet to make an appearance.


Yahweh has yet to show his personality.


Before the creation of the Universe, there was nothing but the Void and the Darkness. Out from nowhere, Yahweh came into existence, and fought against the Void and the Darkness within the non-linear time before the creation. Yahweh finding futile in the battle, created the eight Archangels to help him combat the primordial entities, and eventually defeated them. Sending the Void to the Dimensional Gap, and the Darkness within the pits of Gehnna, within Purgatory.

After the battle, Yahweh, wielding the Spear of Creation which was formed by the defeat of the Void and the Darkness, created the Universe, and soon created Earth, and the first humans, Adam and Eve.

Soon after, he created Heaven, the opposite to Gehenna, and created the Crystal Arch to which the Angels would be created from. And so, Yahweh sat in the Seventh Heaven, as the ruler of Heaven, and the one to make the God System, to which the Universe will function without needing his intervention.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Spear of Creation: According to the high-priest of Angelic Tribuo, Yahweh wields an immensely nigh-omnipotent spear of staff called the Spear of Creation, to which he was able to wield omnipotent abilities to create the universe. No one knows the origins of the spear, but it was said to had given to him by an entity that had always, and shall always exist. This is hinted that the one who gave Yahweh the spear was in fact Erebus, the primordial goddess of Darkness.