Yuri Egin
Kanji ユリ・エギン
Romanji Yuri Egin
Race Demon (previously Human)
Age approx. 30 years old
Gender Female
Eyes Blue
Hair Black (prev. Brown)
Professional Status
Affiliation Gehenna, Demons
Previous Affiliation Exorcists
Partner Satan
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Satan (husband)

Rin Okumura (son)
Yukio Okumura (son)
Aoi Okumura (daughter)
Leviathan (son)

Alias Queen of Gehenna
Exorcist Status
Class Lower Second-Class
Meister Type Knight and Tamer
Yuri Egin is the Queen of Gehenna and Satan's wife. She is the mother of Rin, Yukio and Aoi Okumura and also of Leviathan. As the Queen, Yuri is the second most powerful demon in existence, just below Satan.


Ever since her death from childbirth, Yuri has matured. Her skin is still pale, whereas her blue eyes got sharper and instead of her brown hair, she has really long, black hair. She often wears a black fighting dress with a cape. However, she doesn't have typical demon features like her husband Satan because she was made a demon by him.


After the visual change, one might think that Yuri's personality changed as well. It almost remained the same, except that Yuri gained self-control over her emotions and doesn't lose her temper often now. Despite that, Yuri is still the kind woman as during in her lifetime. Even though she is the Queen, she doesn't think of the demons as subordinates, but rather her friends.


Blue NightEdit

Yuri met Satan when she was on a mission to investigate spontaneous combustion when her team mates fell victim to Satan's blue flames. Yuri was the only one unaffected. She didn't know why, but she had a sudden affection for Satan so she went searching for him. She eventually found him, and let him willingly possess her body to roam in Assiah. When Yuri revealed that she let Satan impregnate her, she was sentenced to death by the Vatican. In order to save her, Satan searched for a vessel. However, no body (except for Ernst Egin's) was strong enough to contain him. They all died. Yuri died of childbirth soon after as well, but went to Gehenna after death since it was the destination for the ones who were possessed by Satan during their lifetime.


Vampire Hunt ArcEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the Queen of Gehenna, Yuri is the second most powerful demon in existence, albeit below Satan. However, little is known of her abilities. Unlike the other demons, Yuri doesn't need a vessel to enter Assiah since she was human before her death.

Gehenna GateEdit

Since Satan made her a demon and his wife, she can open the Gehenna Gate as well, although Yuri has never done that before.

Meister Type - KnightEdit

Before her death, Yuri was a Lower Second-Class Exorcist and a Meister in both Knight and Tamer (ability to summon familiars). However, her Knight powers are unknown.


Yuri's familiar. A crow that can adjust in size.



Yuri's husband and the King of Gehenna. She shared the dream of a world where demons and humans could understand each other with him and he obviously was touched by it. Yuri never feared him at all and even let him use her as a vessel. The concept is "fill the vessel with love" - literally. Something you wouldn't expect.

Slaven FaustEdit

Her former master. Yuri knew him since her childhood and she also knows of his wife Helena and about Satan wiping out his brethen. But that didn't change her opinion on demons, much to Slaven's displeasure. Despite of their disagreements about demons, they were good friends until Slaven found out Yuri's connection with Satan.

Shirou FujimotoEdit

Also an old friend of Yuri. He had the same opinion as Slaven, albeit not as harsh. Their friendship was somewhat dysfunctional because she always rebelled against him when it came to demons. Yuri knew he just wanted the best for her, but that wasn't enough to stop associating herself with demons. When Yuri died Shirou adapted her dream, but not in a way of empathizing with Satan, but rather raising them as humans.

Her childrenEdit

Only two of her children, Aoi and Leviathan, got to adapt her views about demons and humans. Rin knows little to nothing about his mother while Yukio only knows a fraction. As everything progresses, he somewhat thinks of Yuri's ideals and comes to agree with them. As a result, he starts hating the Vatican. Aoi and Leviathan refer to Yuri as mama and are actually quite protective of her. Aoi views her mother as a role model and Leviathan is attached to her kindness.